10 Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Importance of nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing time in a woman’s life. Nine months are not so easy to handle which not only comes with mood swings morning sickness as well. You do not have to worry about the baby and the diet & nutrition because plenty of apps are helping you to make your pregnancy healthy. 10 best apps for pregnancy Diet & Nutrition we are going to discuss.

Pregnancy diet week by week and health:

During pregnancy, you need to take extra care of yourself because there is a human growing inside you. you have to eat two people and that which is in folate, iron, calcium, and protein. For proper eating, you must have a diet and nutrition plan. Everyone cannot afford the diet plan prescribed by a nutritionist and to go check in with them. When you already are going to the doctor and hospital for a regular check-up and it is very exhausting while carry the baby in your belly and walk everywhere. To ease your pregnancy there are plenty of apps to monitor your baby’s development and for your diet & nutrition plan.

10 best apps for pregnancy Diet & Nutrition:

1 to 3 month pregnancy diet chart

Pregnancy diet plan apps

You are pregnant and looking for one of the best diet plan apps. The food you should take during pregnancy needs to be rich with all the vitamins and nutrients essential for a healthy pregnancy. The pregnancy diet plan app helps you maintain your food truck and nutrition plan. The total guide plan you can get from the app. It is set for all countries and you can add your date, and time according to your calendar.


Healofy -Pregnancy & Parenting

The app was designed in 2016 and there are 500k daily users. The Healofy team makes sure the updates and everything is calculated about diet and baby. During pregnancy, you should avoid taking the stress and extra things on your plate. Your parenting and pregnancy are handled by the Healofy.


Pregnancy Nutrition Planner

You can not just have anything to eat like you were used to. A little human inside you needs special care and nutrients for growth and development. You are worried about getting all the information and then making a plan? There is an app for that, yes Pregnancy nutrition planner makes your baby’s growth and development in a proper plan.


VITA: pregnancy diet plan

You must have a nutrition plan in order to keep your baby and yourself healthy. VITA makes sure your baby gets all the nutritional food plans. Your baby needs proper care and needs special attention even when it’s growing inside you.


Pregnancy: Nutrition & Diet

This app will help you during pregnancy. Your nutrition and diet need to be taken care of and have a proper plan where you can get guidelines on how to help your baby grow healthy.


Pregnancy diet tip care guide

The pregnancy diet tip care guide can help you make your nutrition and diet plan. You have morning sickness and everything that stress you out about pregnancy but this app will minus your stress also Pregnancy food to avoid.


Healthy pregnancy diet plan

From the day you find out you are pregnant you are full of every emotion and it does not feel like you can handle your diet when you need to eat two humans. A little human is growing inside you and needs proper care and a diet plan. The app will help you throughout your pregnancy each month. It will help you eat your required nutrition and Pregnancy diet menu.


Pregnancy diet

Any woman is thrilled and excited about finding out she is pregnant. She is terrified the moment when she thinks about all the weight gain. But most of all she is happy and wants to bear every pain for the sake of that baby growing inside her. She wants to be the healthy mother of a healthy child. Diet is something every person should follow. The best app for nutrition and diet plans or pregnancy diet.

Eat for two: pregnancy food

The app is designed for mommies and babies. They both need special attention and care and the better the nutrition & diet, the better the growth of the child.

MummyTummy-pregnancy food

Mummy needs to eat a proper meal full of vitamins and all the required nutrients so that little human growing in the tummy gets bigger and stays healthy. This app is specially designed for pregnant ladies so they can keep the diet plan and make sure the journey of pregnancy is healthy.


The pregnancy can be very exhausting and it can lead you to not feel like eating properly. You have plenty of emotions and the urge to have a diet plan and nutrition plan is exhausting as well. You can get 10 best apps for pregnancy diet & nutrition and install them in your mobile. You can edit all your information and make a plan.

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