10 Best Apps that turn Photos into Cartoons

In the old days, people went to sketch artists to get a beautiful sketch as a memory. But it was tedious and hard to find an impressive sketch artist. Nowadays, there is a booming trend of cartoonization. For that purpose, there are the 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. Recently, this is a craze among youth on all social media platforms. Everyone wants to turn their photos into cartoons.

What is the benefit of turning photos into cartoons?

In this era, there is an explosion of photos into cartoons to get more clicks or likes on social media platforms. Also, boosting business with a cartoon logo is an exceptional way. Because it draws the viewer’s attention as they see eye-catching cartoons. Also, people like to have fun by turning their photos into cartoons. They can be used for personal satisfaction and business purposes.

10 Best Apps that Turn Photos into Cartoons:

The top 10 best apps turn photos into cartoons and they are chosen based on their special features. They are described as follows:

  1. ToonMe

That Turn Photo into Cartoon

This is developed by Photo Lab to turn photos into cartoons. It’s the leading app for Android and IOS with 260+ million. This app turns you into a piece of art that is impressive. It gives you a more mature and professional picture. When someone else sees your picture, they get stunned to see cartoonized photos.

It’s an app that uses AI technology to turn your photos into cartoons. You can tune a selfie with a single tap on the click button. Also, you can cartoon yourself by choosing different filters. You will become a digital artist that turns photos into cartoons. You can share on social media sites to get followers.

  1.  MomentCam

This allows you to make eye-catching cartoons from your pictures. It helps to personalize photos to any effect. For instance, if you want to make a funny cartoon then you choose a funny filter from the options. As a result, you will get cartoonified photos with less effort.

It is a photo to cartoon app free for Android and IOS phones. By using this app, you can create stickers and emojis of your photos. This cartoon app offers to earn a variety of prizes. One of its best features is that you can share your creative photos with other users.

  1. Prisma  

It’s a professional cartoon app that is used by Android and IOS users. This is well-known and it’s in the list of 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. Prisma offers a wide range of impressive features to turn a picture into a cartoon free of cost. Like various filters, styles, and other professional tools to turn pictures into anime drawing.

According to research, it has more than 110 million users on both Android and IOS. This is rated over 4.5 stars on both the Play store and App store. It has a vast range of tools for advanced photo editing. Also, it has a collection of entertaining stickers. This is for fun and games but comes in handy for a professional photographer.

  1. Painnt

This turns pictures into cartoon free on your Android and IOS devices. It is one of the 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. This uses thousands of filters with different effects. Paint is an effective photo editor app that allows color saturation, brightness, and others.


It is not just a cartoonization app but it hosts a community that contributes its artwork to the library. So, people can explore and share on social media sites. Moreover, their passion for photography enhances by using this cartoon application. This is free but it offers subscriptions at $9.99 to increase the size of a file along with more HD effects.

  1. PhotoDirector 

It allows you to animate your photos with a range of AI-powered effects all in one place. This photo editing app offers a diverse range of filters for cartoonization. It’s one of the top 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. PhotoDirector uses AI image detection & transformation effects.

You can transform any selfie or portrait picture into a cartoon. This allows applying cartoon effects to multiple parts of your photos. Just use your finger to tap the areas where you’d like the effect applied. Also, you can remove unwanted objects from your picture.

  1. Lensa

Turn Photo into Cartoon Photoshop

This is an app for editing photos to give them a cartoonized vibe. The app has many photo editing filters and techniques. It gives you a sweet selfie and removes blur from the background. You can make every photo into a cartoon perfectly. This is popular for its color filters, background blurring, and others.

These enhance your pictures more appropriately. It uses a high-quality cartoon image generator. Also, this has beautification tools to eliminate blemishes and clear up the skin to get a beautiful cartoon. You can easily turn pictures into cartoons for free. Because it is free to install on Android and IOS.

  1. Cartoon Yourself

The Cartoon Yourself app allows you to turn photos to cartoons free on Android and IOS devices. This app is easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. All you have to do is select a picture and choose a filter according to your requirement. It is one of the 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons.

You can make your picture into an anime drawing with special effects. The photos can be decorated with various stickers. You can save your pictures into cartoon ones and upload them on social media sites. This is a photo to cartoon app Android and IOS users.

  1. Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo

This is an app that turns photos into cartoons in a very professional way. Like your pictures into funny cartoons, pencil sketches, renaissance paintings, and much more. It combines Human creativity with Artificial Intelligence’s capabilities. You can install it on your Android and IOS devices. It uses the 15th-century, 18th-century, and 20th-century painting styles.

Voila is convenient to use because of its user-friendly interface. You can turn your family portraits into cartoon ones. Also, you can get a beautiful sketch of your beloved ones without any hard work. And have fun by using different styles of cartoons. Say ‘’Voila, I got my photo into cartoon!’’

  1. MojiPop

You can turn your photos into cartoons by using MojiPop. This adds an impressive feature to the cartoon yourself app. Also, you can create your funny cartoon stickers by using this app. Also, you can utilize them while chatting with your family or friends.

People made this app in the list of 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. This has millions of users with 4.3-star ratings. It is available on both Android and IOS as well. You can create thousands of caricatures by using your face. To surprise your friends and to have fun with cartoonization.

  1.  Cartoon Photo Editor

This offers the conversion of traditional rear cam pictures into black & white sketch cartoonification. It includes autofocus to make sure that the photo attains its best possible state. Also, this has many options in filters and effects. This is used by both Android and IOS devices.

One of its best features is that it turns videos into cartoon movies. You can use artistic effects in your pictures or videos directly from your gallery. This is a well-rated app in the list of 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. It’s free to use and this has ads that pay its bills.

In a nutshell:

There are many photo editing apps that edit photos. But to turn pictures cartoon-free, you need one of the apps from the top 10 best apps that turn photos into cartoons. They are chosen based on their quality, filters, and much more.

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