10 best duplicate file finder apps for android

Are you an organized person? But still, having issues managing data on your phone? Well, it does not matter how much we try to organize videos, photos, documents, and files. There are always duplicate files to find on the phone. You can now get rid of all the copies of files on your android and have more space for your photos and videos.

I have enlisted the best duplicate finder and remover apps for android that you can easily get from Play Store. These apps help find and remove duplicate files.

Let’s just get into the apps to explore their features;


You cannot go through your files, and photos in search of duplicate files and sometimes you might miss them. One of the best apps for duplicate filer remover can make this process easy. Deleting duplicate files is such a headache if you have to do it one by one but using the app to remove the files is the best and easy method.

Several features help you use the app;

  • Very easy in scanning the duplicate files
  • Allows you to go through once in the selected files
  • You can delete the files later or at the moment you selected.
  • It supports 14 different languages

Install the duplicate file fixer & remove it for android devices here.


  • Duplicate File remover

If you are facing a space problem on your android phone just like every android user this app is for you. this allows you to delete all the duplicate and same-looking files even when you cannot identify them. Social media duplicates are created when you post on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social app. It helps make the list of duplicate files and the contacts you have accidentally saved twice. You can easily remove the files while using the app.

This app is having great features;

  • It makes the decision easy to choose which files to delete
  • The grid option is available that shows all the files in one frame
  • Easily selected files can be deleted
  • Allows the user to exclude and include the files
  • It supports different languages

Install the Duplicate filer remover on android devices here.

  • Search duplicate file

You can now easily delete the duplicate files using the search duplicate file. This is one of the best apps that make sure you delete the files that are present in the store more than once. This includes the SD card, OTG, USB, and lock folder, and anywhere a duplicate file is, it will remove the file.

There are useful features of this app;

  • It supports smart cleaner
  • Distinguish between original and duplicate files
  • Delete the cache files
  • Unnecessary folders are deleted

Install the search duplicate file on your android here.

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  • Files by google

Google helps us in everyday life in many areas and it provides the app to solve the problem android users mostly face i.e. Duplicate files. Files by google are the best app to remove duplicate files and organize the data on your phone whether it is photos, videos, and files. This app even lets you delete the sent media on your WhatsApp that is duplicate and it keeps the storage full for no reason.

The following features are going to help you decide whether you should install the app.

  • It provides the tab “Free up space” that automatically deletes the files from your phone.
  • Easy to manage the files
  • Easy to check the deleted files
  • Backup is also available and you cannot lose any of your precious data.

Get files by google for android devices here.

  • Duplicate media remover

This app is capable of removing duplicate files from android devices. This application help remove the identical or duplicate files that keep your phone busy. Once you delete the files you will have much more space for the useful stuff you should keep on your phone.

Duplicate media remover has many useful features:

  • It makes it easier to select duplicate files and delete them.
  • You can create differences between the original and the duplicate.
  • It allows scanning for once to help in the selection for deleting.

Install the duplicate media remover for android devices here.


  • Super-Fast duplicate finder

This application as its name suggests is a super-fast duplicate file finder and it will help you make more space on your android phone and eradicate any duplicity if find any. You can recover your storage and can scan from different precise results.

The features are very useful in removing the same files.

  • It allows the scanning of the folders.
  • It will delete duplicate files.
  • Very useful.

Get the app from here for android devices.

  • Storage manager

Locate the duplicate files and give some space to your android phone. The application is helping the users to solve the storage problem and it will only eradicate the photos, and videos that are repeated by some error. Now it is very easy to remove unnecessary files from your phone and save some storage.

The features that help you use the application are;

  • The option to select files makes it easier to remove.
  • This is a scanning application.
  • It manages your data and storage.

Get the app for android devices.


  • SD maid-system cleaning tool

Having millions of install this application is considered one of the best apps in terms of storage and removing duplicate files. Your android gets tired when there is too much load over it. This application helps you to remove the extra unnecessary load from the phone and let it breathe in more space for better work.

The features help you decide whether the app is good enough to install or not.

  • It is a cleaning tool
  • It removes cache files automatically
  • Helps the phone work faster.

Get the app from Play Store.


  • Duplicates Cleaner

Another application that helps you clean your phone and remove the excess and duplicate data. You can turn on the cleaner and duplicate files will be removed. This is the app that helps you make more memories and save on your phone and provide the cleaner option.

The features that help you decide whether you should install the app or not.

  • It is cleaning junk files.
  • Helps provide more space.
  • Chache files are removed.

You can install the app for your android devices here.


  • Remo Duplicate File remover

It is a powerful duplicate filer remover that helps you remove the files that are already present in other folders. Sometimes we delete everything we can when there is a storage problem. The application only makes life easier by deleting duplicate files.

You can install the app for your android device.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I find duplicate files on Android?

Duplicate files are very easy to find on android while using the apps. There are many apps and the best ones are enlisted above.


  • Which app is best for duplicate file remover?

Duplicate file finder is the best for duplicate file remover and it helps you clean same-looking files from the phone.


  • How can I select all duplicate files in Android?

The above-listed apps for removing duplicate files on android helps you select the files that are duplicate and eradicate them by selecting the files.


  • Which Duplicate File Finder is the best?

Duplicates cleaner is the best app to remove unnecessary files from android.


  • Does Google have a duplicate file finder?

Yes, files by google is an app that helps manage the data and remove junk from your phone.


You do not have to worry about the space on your android phone. The above-explained apps are the best ones to remove duplicate files from the android and you can enjoy more space and faster applications. These apps are very useful and you should install any one through the links provided for your ease or you can directly install from the Play Store.

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