10 Best Extra Volume Booster Apps for Android

People have difficulty listening to or watching music videos. They prefer to carry an external speaker with them. That is tedious to carry a burden all the time. You are one of them and want to hear a loud sound. Don’t worry because the app developers have created volume booster apps. There are the top 10 best volume booster apps for Android.

You can use these apps to get benefits from them. There are many impressive aspects of the best free volume booster app for Android. Read this till the end!

10 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android:

There are the top 10 best volume booster apps for Android. They are chosen based on their impressive performance. Moreover, they are helpful in boosting volume without carrying them.

  1. Volume Booster GOODEV

This is developed by GOODEV and it boosts your speaker or headphone. It’s an astonishing app that delivers excellent undeviating functions. This volume booster app for Android works efficiently. You want to enhance your speaker’s volume.

So, you install it on your smartphone and enjoy a high base. It has the ability to increase the volume of music, videos, voice notes, and other audio files. The app has a 4.4 rating with more than 10 million users around the world. It runs on smartphone speakers and on headphones too.

  1. Precise Volume

It’s the best Bluetooth volume booster app for Android. This has a volume control center to adjust enhancers. It functions as an equalizer to equalize the volume. Precise Volume has more than millions of users with a 4.3 rating.

When you download this volume booster app on your smartphone. Then it takes charge of your device’s speakers to control the volume. You can enjoy loud sounds without distortions.

Furthermore, after plugging headphones into your smartphone. This app resets the volume settings to provide safe hearing of audio. It automatically adjusts the range when you tune into audiobooks.

  1. Equalizer

The best volume booster app for Android is Equalizer. It’s developed by ZipoApps and it has a 4.2 rating with millions of users. This lets you equalize the sound effect levels so you can get the best out of your music. It increases your listening experience in an appropriate way.

It enables you to boost the bass and amplify the sound without distortions. This has a loudness enhancement button for loud sounds. Equalizer comes with the 12 best options to optimize audio effects. As a result, the sound quality gets much better using it.

  1. VLC for Android

It’s one of the best Bluetooth volume booster apps for Android. This improves the sound quality of music, voice notes, and much more. It has a 4.3 rating with users all around the world.

VLC for Android plays network streaming protocols, discs, devices, and video files as well. One of its best features is that it boosts the sound from a smartphone to 200% of the volume.

Furthermore, it not only boosts your device’s sound but also helps you to improve your music videos. For that purpose, go to your media file and tap the settings option on it. From there you can customize the sound according to your desire. But be careful while enhancing the audio files.
Sniffle app

  1. Boom

This is created by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It’s a powerful music player with 3D surround sound. Moreover, Boom has an effective bass along with an equalizer. For every genre, it pre-sets the equalizing settings for safe hearing abilities. As a result, it gives a good listening experience.

You download this one of the 10 best volume booster apps for Android. Then you’ll love to hear music by using this app. Because it provides a 3D sound effect while listening through a headphone. You get a volume booster app and a music player in it. This provides custom-tuned equalization presets along with a virtualizer.

  1. Volume Booster Pro

If you need a speaker booster that provides a simple control then this is also the right to choose. This amplifies the alarms, audio files, phone calls, and much more according to your desire. It’s a volume booster app free of cost. As a result, the overall sound output gets increased by it.

This has a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient to use. On its homepage, there is a huge knob in the center for controlling purposes. The settings you choose are applied to the entire device. As a result, you get to hear the loud sound without distortions. You’ll get a remarkable listening experience.

  1. Speaker Boost: Volume Booster

This is a volume booster along with a 3D sound provider. It has a 4.2 rating with millions of users. This works as an impressive enhancer for headphone’s volume. For that purpose, it removes the irritating background noise. Speaker Boost has a user-friendly interface.

You can install it on your mobile phone and get benefits from it. This volume booster app is free to download. With a single tap on its center button, you can get enhanced sound volume. It also increases your smartphone’s sonar system.

For instance, you are playing Pubg with your friends. You want to hear clear and loud sounds from your teammates. For that purpose, use this booster app on your smartphone.

  1. Volume Enhancer

It’s developed by SoulApps Studio that boosts volume. This has many features to provide like audio equalization, spectrum, and much more. Furthermore, it offers offline listening services to its users. This is one of the top 10 best volume booster apps for Android.

This app is free to install also easy to use. You get the same amplified experience with your device and headphone as well. However, you can watch videos or listen to audio with this app. It provides a memorable experience for you. Enjoy everything you want to hear.

  1. AmpMe

AmpMe is developed to provide entertainment. Moreover, it enhances the sound of video files, especially YouTube ones. This helps to provide a remarkable listening experience.

When you watch videos on YouTube or any other platform. You want to hear a clear and loud sound while watching them. For that purpose, you can use it to elevate your device’s sound.

  1. Podcast Addict: Podcast Player

This is created by Xavier Guillemane – Podcast & Radio Addict. It’s not just a high-rated podcast app. But it boosts volume and has a built-in equalizer. That helps to equalize the sound by removing background distortions.

You can use it to enjoy every episode of the Podcast without any sound disturbance. Moreover, you can listen to your favorite music audio files. This is free to install and has a user-friendly interface.

In a nutshell: 

These volume booster apps help you to improve the sound quality of your smartphone. They fulfill their volume-boosting promise. Also, these apps provide an exceptional listening experience. But be careful while increasing sound.

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