10 Best Live TV Apps for Android

In the old days, people used to watch live TV shows on their television. That was tedious and forced them to sit in front of the TV. Now, this is the era of smartphones because of advanced technology. You can watch live shows or dramas on your mobile phone and it doesn’t bind you to sit in front of the TV. There are the top 10 best live TV apps for Android.

What benefits do these live TV apps provide?  

These apps come in handy in different circumstances. They are very beneficial for the TV audience and broadcasting channel as well. When you watch live dramas or anything else on live TV apps. Then you can watch them anywhere at any place at any time. It significantly increases the broadcast range.


The live TV apps let users re-watch their favorite episodes with less effort. Because they gather viewer’s feedback to ensure 100% satisfaction. The apps provide impressive content for the TV audience. Furthermore, they provide secure login for their users. So, you can use them to watch live TV shows.


10 best live TV apps for Android:

The top 10 best live TV apps for Android are chosen based on their high speed performance. Also, they provide 100% satisfaction to their viewers. These live TV apps keep people updated about upcoming live shows and much more. They are discussed as given below:

This is a free live TV app for Android with remarkable service. It hosts 700+ live channels, sports, movies, and others. This is continuously serving in 8 countries with massive viewership.


It hosts channels from many countries that include the UK, the US, India, Pakistan, and many others. This is for all cricket and Football lovers who want to enjoy live streaming of their favorite match.


For instance, you want to watch a live match between Argentina VS France. So, you install the app and enjoy live streaming without any buffering. You can watch it anywhere at any place.


This has a user-friendly interface for its convenient use. It has millions of users because of its remarkable live streaming. You can install it on your Android smartphone.

This is developed by Plex, Inc. and it’s the live TV app for smart TV. It provides 24/7 live streaming along with 300+ channels. This has more than 10 million users all around the world.


You can tune into this app anytime at any place. It has a wide range of categories like comedy, action, news, and much more. You can watch live TV free of cost. Also, you can choose from over 50,000 free on-demand titles.


It provides content from all around the world. Moreover, you can access to watch anything by using this app. Plex doesn’t provide slow buffering of videos. So, you can enjoy live TV without inconvenience.

  1. Yupp Top TV Live Free App

It’s a live TV app for Android TV and offers streaming in HD quality. This gives hard competition to Jio TV. It provides recordings of previous episodes. So, you don’t miss any of your favorite dramas or shows.


Yupp TV offers live streaming and recorded shows in multiple languages. For instance, you want to watch the 10th episode of Big Boss. So, you can install this app and can see it without any slow buffering.


This is the latest largest Indian online TV platform on the Internet. It’s free to use but it offers a paid subscription. You can watch your favorite TV channels and much more very easily.

  1. Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies

This is one of the 10 best live TV apps for Android. It brings all the latest TV shows, news, entertainment, and others. This is a live TV app that install all channels very easily.


It has millions of users all around the world along with a 3.9 rating. One of its best features is that you can install your favorite TV shows. It offers 300+ channels from different categories.


In this app, you won’t see ads in your live streaming of videos. It brings you HD quality without slow buffering. You can watch movies, new TV dramas, and everything on your wishlist.

  1. Netflix

It is developed by Netflix, Inc. and is a streaming service that offers a wide variety. This includes award-winning TV shows, films, documentaries, and much more than you can imagine.


Netflix has unlimited TV shows and much more from all around the world. You can watch them on your smartphone very conveniently. Also, you can install your favorite shows to watch offline.


This is free to use but it has monthly subscriptions for the people. Its subscription plan varies from one another. You can choose according to your desire. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface.

  1. JioTV  

This is one of the top 10 best live TV apps for Android. It has millions of users all around the world. It’s considered India’s top entertainment app. The Reliance JIo an Indian carrier service, has launched this JioTV.


It gives access to 600+ channels in 15 languages to the people. This has more than 10 genres to satisfy user’s needs. It has a user-friendly interface. In this, you can watch a live cricket match and much more.

  1. Disney+Hotstar

It is developed by Novi Digital with 4.1 ratings on the Play Store. This is one of the best content providers, especially in India. Disney+Hotstar has a wide range of live streams all around the world.


This has a collection of channels with tons of content to please its users. For instance, you want to watch Star Plus dramas. So, you can watch it without any inconvenience. Also, you can enjoy it in HD quality without slow buffering.

  1. TVTAP 

TVTAP is an app that provides all TV channels and much more from its bucket. This covers the UK, USA, India, Portugal, and other countries too. It offers more than 500 channels.


Its team adds new channels day by day so the entertainment doesn’t stop. The app was formerly known as UKTV but now it’s updated as TVTAP. It allows many filters to distinguish between various genres.

  1. YouTube TV: Live TV & More

This is an OTT app available in the United States. It has a 4.1 rating with millions of users. This offers different genres having more than 60 channels. Like Fox, NBC, Golf Channel, BBC America, and others.


These all channels are streamed on a smartphone. So, you don’t need to be sitting in front of your TV. You can easily watch your TV shows or anything else you want to see through this app.

  1.  IMDb Movies & TV

This is one of the top 10 best live TV apps for Android. It is famous for providing streaming of movies. This offers TV series, video games, trivia, celebrity content, personal biographies, and much more.


In this, you can explore entertainment news along with the latest awards. You can watch anything you desire and can rate your watched movies. This has a user-friendly interface.


You get exclusive IMDb originals, behind-the-scenes, and other entertaining videos. It gets you to show times of your most-liked movie near the locality. This has a 4.4 rating along with millions of users.


In a nutshell:

You can get a free live TV app for Android according to your requirement. These apps are very beneficial for you and broadcasting channels as well. You can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, dramas, and much more through live TV apps.

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