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When Mother Nature is not in a good mood. Then climate change occurs on a very large scale. But technology has provided a way to alert people very efficiently. This is the era of smartphones. Moreover, there are many apps launched on the Internet to alert you about upcoming storms. The top 10 best storm alert apps for Android and iPhone.

In the past, it was difficult to predict upcoming weather Storm Alert  conditions. For instance, a storm was coming into a city but the folks didn’t know how to keep them safe from that storm. Because they didn’t know about it.

Keep reading this till the end to know astonishing apps.

10 Best Emergency alerts today Apps for Android and iPhone:

The top 10 Best Storm Alert Apps for Android and iPhone are chosen based on their performance, interface, and other aspects. They are given below:

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Severe thunderstorm warning apps:

  1. The Weather Channel

This is a storm alert app that has a useful and colorful interface. It helps you to be aware of the weather conditions. This app is available on Android and iPhone devices. The Weather Channel provides you with a wealth of meteorological data like temperature, humidity, winds, and others.

It gives an extended 10 day weather forecast. To keep you updated about the upcoming weather conditions. So, you can get an umbrella before getting wet in the rain. In this app, you see ads as well to offer you affordable rainy coats and much more safety things.

The app gives you info to stay safe from both storms and tornadoes. It provides a detailed hourly forecast. This will alert you about storms, hurricanes, and others as well.

  1. Carrot Weather

This app gives you detailed info about meteorological data. All you have to do is to tap and swipe to use it. The carrot weather app pulls data from Dark Sky to provide current, hourly, and 7-day forecasts. It provides infographics to reach more useful information.

It’s an AI overload Carrot that brings you precise weather forecasts. If you are not satisfied with the basics in its free zone. Then you can buy one of its subscriptions to enjoy more forecasts. For instance, the premium tier costs $4.99 a month as it adds weather data sources, notifications, and others.

  1. Emergency

It is developed by American Red Cross for Android and iPhone users. This keeps you alerted about storms, floods, and hurricanes. It helps you to be active at any time, at any place. To keep you and your family secure from hazards.

In this, you enable your location by allowing it from your mobile settings. Moreover, this app knows where you belong. So, it notifies you about your surroundings. You can put your dearest person’s location in this app. To see what is going to happen in their environment.


  1. AccuWeather

This is a storm alert app that tells about weather conditions. It uses geographic location to alert its users. This can be used by both Android and iPhone devices. You can use all the free features of the application for free. This app gives a per-minute forecast of the weather.

For instance, the type of rain, its intensity, and time of beginning and ending time. This app shows an orange map that displays snow, wind, storms, and much more. You receive notifications about unpleasant conditions. It is connected to satellite radars around the world.

  1. Clime NOAA Weather Radar Live

The previous name of this app was NOAA Radar Pro but it’s known as Clime. It displays a weather map in the form of radar or satellite. This app is an all-in-one weather tracker right on your device. Both Android and iPhone users can use it to get benefits from it.

This is one of the 10 Best Storm Alert Apps for Android and iPhone. It uses real-time radar and shows changing weather conditions. You’ll get standard 24-hour and 7-day forecasts with accurate weather alerts. This gives a full image of precipitation, temperature, and other details.

  1. 1Weather: Forecast & Radar

This app is trusted by 50+ million users around the world. It is one of the 10 Best Storm Alert Apps for Android and iPhone. This provides a 10-day forecast, live radar maps, severe weather alerts, and much more. It offers minute-by-minute or hourly forecasts for temperature, rain, and others.


The app is free to install and a $1.99/monthly subscription is ad-free. It’s up to you whether to subscribe or not. This app provides you with storm alerts, rain forecasts, and others. 1Weather is a snowstorm tracker with 25+ live radar maps. Use it to get alerts about weather conditions.

  1. WeatherBug

This app transmits accurate weather forecasts from professional meteorological stations. It tells timely bad weather conditions and shows weather in real-time with hourly updates for 7 or 10 days. Millions of users benefit from using it.

You can use it to get storm alerts and get ready for serious natural challenges. This uses radar, satellite, and much more technology to keep its users alert. It reports on environmental conditions in real-time. Click on any point on this app’s map and find out weather conditions in one touch.

  1. Windy

It offers detailed maps that let you watch the Storm Alert  weather forecast on your screen. This app has 40+ plus maps available showing humidity, temperature, and others. By using Windy, you get satellite and Doppler info at your fingertips. This tracks storm tracking feature that alerts about upcoming storms.

This provides exceptional features in its free mode. The annual subscription costs $18.99 with frequent forecast updates. Windy is a fast, intuitive, detailed weather app trusted by professional pilots, surfers, boaters, storm chasers, and others. This is an impressive tool for weather visualization.

  1. Yahoo Weather

It’s a beautifully designed app that elevates an impressive user experience. This app uses an exceptional user interface that is informative and striking. It displays images of your location with weather conditions. For instance, if a storm is coming then it alerts you about the storm. To keep you secure from weather hazards.

It gives a detailed 5-day forecast as well as interactive radar. Also, provides heat and satellite maps. This offers a clean, concise presentation of detailed weather forecasts. Both Android and iPhone users can use this app.

  1.  Today Weather: Alerts, Widgets

This app provides accurate weather forecasts in a city. It is user-friendly and offers a beautiful and impressive presentation. Today’s Weather app displays hourly forecasts accompanied by the probability of wind speed, air humidity, and other weather parameters.

It provides a sharing feature that allows you to share images of forecasts on social media networks. For instance, there is an upcoming storm after 5 hours. So, you take a screenshot of the forecast and post it on social media sites to alert your family and friends about the storm. This is one of the Tropical storm warning app.

In a nutshell:

You can use any app from the 10 best storm alert apps for Android and iPhone devices. According to your requirements and get alerts about weather conditions like upcoming storms, snowy evenings, rain, wind, and others.

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