10 best travel planner apps for android and iPhone

Do you love to travel, but are not a fan of planning? If yes!

This is the right article for you to find out the 10 best travel planner apps you can install on your Android or iPhone. Travel planning can be very exhausting for people who do not like to plan or do not know how to plan. That is the point where you need the best travel planner apps. There are several apps for android and iPhone that you can install for free.

Since traveling comes with a lot of things, we are going to discuss a variety of apps that will help you in the planning process. The apps we are going to discuss are the best ones for making your trip comfortable and lively.

Without wasting any time, let’s get to the bottom of travel planning.

Waterlog is an app that makes your travel easier. You can use its all features and plan your trip. The whole plan of the trip fits into the app. It is a fully featured app that makes your reservations and books your tickets, your rides, hotel room, restaurants, etc.

It is very helpful when you are traveling and you need a map. It will show your plan on the map that you can share with your friends as well that they can add their plans as well. This app will make your trip memorable. You can use the app offline and edit your plan accordingly. You can add the restaurant you want to eat from and the sightseeing plan. It will guide you about every place you are visiting. You can easily get the app from the apple store and android for free. It is one of the best apps with amazing features that help you search for new restaurants and hotels to stay in all around the world.

With Wanderlog now you can track your expenses and keep the plan in your budget.

Get it through the following link!



  • TripIt: Travel Planner

If you love to travel then this loves to plan your trip. The user-friendly app is easy even if you are using it for the first time. This app will save you time and plan your trip the way you never imagined. Travelling can be pretty hard and you cannot enjoy it properly if you are busy stressing out about what to eat, which restaurant, where to stay, and a lot of other things to consider while traveling. This app has made it easier for you to plan and select restaurants and make reservations even before you start traveling.

TripIt keeps you updated about the refund policies and helps you get better flight insights that are recommended by bloggers and google best search results.

It is very easy to use and makes your travel fun. You can install the app for free from Apple Store and Play Store.




  • Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

This app’s name speaks to its work and features. It is a very good app while traveling around in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can easily book cabs for your road trips from this app.

The app is free to use but if you want to add some extra features to your trip you will have to buy the app features yearly and monthly. You can have an amazing trip while you plan it on the Roadtrippers because it is cheap and even the upgraded version will cost you 7$ per month and 30$ every year. This will help you make your friends connect with you. you can add custom maps and use them offline as well.

Get your Roadtrippers app for the best road trip.




  • Travelspend

As the name speaks, it is going to help you in budgeting your travel. This is best for adventure-seeking people who always want to travel. If you’re a traveler you should keep your budget in front of you and well-maintained.

This app helps you make your budget according to the places you are going to visit. It will calculate the expenses even when you are back at home. You can export the data in the app and see the wonders the app has for you.

You can install the app either using an android or iPhone for free, to skip ads or unlock some extra features you can purchase for 4$ per month or 18$ per year.




  • TripAdvisor

Well, we have one of the best apps for travel planning on our list, and without wasting any time let’s just read it. TripAdvisor is an app you can install online from Android or iPhone, with multiple useful features.

It includes hotel bookings, destinations, sightseeing, adventure lands, and different fun activities you can add to your list. This not only gives you the best exposure but also helps you take a look at the images and videos about the place you are planning to visit.

This app will surely make your trip amazing and worth going.




  • Citymapper

If you are stuck in an urban area and facing navigation problems, the answer is Citymapper. You can easily see the directions and book your ride. It shows the fare as well and you can easily select the cab that is affordable for you.

This app works in the US and some other countries. The updated version of the app has voice instructions for walking, cycling, scootering, and public transportation. It gives full navigation and helps you get in the right direction.




  • Tripcase

If you have a business that includes your travel and the company travels often, this app is for you. It is for professional travelers and businesses. When you signed up and put in your data and made all the reservations, you can simply send it to your clients or the team for confirmation.

You can add your schedule to the app and send it to your companions. This app is free to install and you can share it with your fellows. You can unlock the premium version by purchasing 6$ per year with a one-month free trial.




  • Google maps

Google Maps is the best navigation app now. You can easily get the app for free and turn on your live location. It gives voice direction on walking, bike rides, and cab rides.

You can easily check the location and get the directions using the map. Anyone can upload pictures of the place and edit them. If you own the business, you can create a map to help your customers with directions.

It is available on Android and iPhone and is free to use and install.



  • Hopper 

Hopper is an amazing travel planner app that will help you make your trip comfortable and memorable. You can add your destination and a color-coded calendar will display on your screen with the cheapest to most expensive flights. It will help you book flights at cheaper rates and you can wait for airfare to get a discount.

It will make your hotel reservations and destinations on the plan and help you get the cheapest fare. You do not have to worry about missing out on the airfare because this app will notify you and help you get insight into dropped-down prices.

You can install the app from the apple store or play store.




  • Kayak

It is one of the most famous apps for trip planning. The main features of this app help you select the destinations, different rides, and flights within your budget. It does not always show affordable flights.

Kayak app is, even so, useful in that it measures and weighs your luggage and helps you select the items you should remove from the bag. It also organizes your plan in one place and keeps you updated about the security wait times along with the airport terminal directions.

These apps help you plan a memorable trip with your family, friends, and loved ones. You can easily install the app for free and get amazing features to plan your travel.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which trip planner is the best?

Above discussed apps are the best ones so far. Waterlog is a wonderful app to make your plan memorable and get a lovely experience.

  • What is the #1 travel app?

The travel app that is number one is TripIt. You can plan your trip with the best features and schedule according to your time and budget.


  • Which app is best for travel bookings?

Travel bookings make your travel easier with TripIt because they help you make the reservations before that saving you time. Travelling can be exhausting but this app will make it easier for you.

  • Which one is better: Wanderlog or TripIt? 

It is very difficult to compare between the two and declare one as the best. As for the conclusion, we can say both have their features incredibly amazing and help you plan your travel better.


  • Does Google have a travel app?

Google has a travel app and the best navigation app on google Maps. Your travel gets easy with the maps because you choose the right directions.

Final Words:

Finally, you are going to travel without any stress from hotel bookings, reservations, and flight bookings because of the apps explained above. You can easily choose any one of the above apps and install it to your phone. It will make your trip great because everything at the time and place gives the feeling of comfort. Install the app which you like the most and make your trip worth recalling.

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