10 Best Wedding Countdown Apps For Android & IOS

Weddings are a very important part of life. It’s the most special day in the lives of all. Moreover, special preparations are done to make it a more memorable day. There is a lot of hustle and bustle before the wedding. Many people forgot the exact time of their wedding. Because of the heavy workload before their wedding. Nowadays, there are 10 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for Android & IOS. 

These apps help you to remember the special day of your life. Moreover, it assists you to count down the time until your wedding day.

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10 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for Android & IOS:           

Several apps are available on the Internet. Furthermore, the top 10 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for Android & IOS are discussed below:

  • The Big Day: Wedding Planning

This is the best free wedding countdown app on the Internet. It is developed by Marina Mazein who is an experienced product manager. It has more than 5000+ customizable themes to create your wedding reminder. You can use it to bring you an alert for your big day.

The Big Day is a free countdown app for Android and IOS. This app sends you a daily notification. For this purpose, it sends them beautiful pictures from its gallery. Moreover, you can use your desired photos too.


You can share your countdown design with your family or friends. It’s a very simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface. This allows access to widgets for easy location of a screen on your iPhone device. So, this is a wedding countdown widget iPhone app.

  • Wedding Countdown App

For people, the idea of their wedding is like going to another beautiful world of lavish celebrations. The wedding countdown app assists you to maintain your mood till your big day.

You can create a personalized reminder for your day. Moreover, you can share it with family or friends on social media sites. Also, it allows sharing of your reminder through emails by using this app.

Furthermore, you can send a special quote to your partner to remind them how much you love them as a wedding is coming close. It comes with a fully functional wedding organizer feature.

One of its best features is that it allows a wedding planning guide. That’s why it is a helping hand for you to sort out your wedding activities. This is the wedding countdown app free of cost. You can install it on both Android and IOS.

  • Wedding Countdown Boho Vintage Flower Widget

This is one of the 10 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for Android & IOS. Its impressive feature is that it creates a countdown clock in a beautiful flower. It provides you with a checklist feature to check things before your wedding.


For instance, you input a meeting with your designer that is going to be held on 26 Monday. So, on Sunday, you will get a reminder from this wedding countdown app. As a result, you meet your designer at the right time.

This is an impressive app that offers useful tips to plan your wedding day. It’s a wedding countdown app for Facebook and other social media sites. Because it allows you to share your wedding countdown with others. This is installed on Android and IOS devices.

  • Dreamdays Countdown 

It’s developed by Guxiu Design Inc. and this app allows for creating countdowns for several events. This is one of the best countdown app for Android and IOS on the Internet.

This app creates countdowns in various categories. Moreover, it provides an option to personalize events by adding voice memos. Also, allows toggling between times in terms of days.

The Dreamdays Countdown permits you to share your lavish events of a wedding on different social media apps. It includes a widget in the notification center on your Android and iPhone devices.

This app has a user-friendly interface for its convenient use. You can keep all your countdowns in one place with the Dreamdays Countdown app. Also, you can customize the background with your beautiful photos.


  • Bridebook

This is popular for having the best features. Like it lets you keep an eye on your expenses. So, you can meet your budget without the hustle and bustle. It acts as your planner that stays with you 24/7.

It allows you to set a wedding countdown with less effort. Furthermore, it permits the management of the guest list. You can get expert views from this app. This is one of the 10 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for Android and IOS. 

It’s free to use but it offers a VIP paid subscription too. You can find your dream wedding venue with less effort. Also, it provides inspiration for people like you who are getting married. You can install it on both Android and iPhone.

  • Wedding Countdown Widget 

This app can set your wedding counter widget. It’s a wedding countdown widget for Android and iPhone. This permits you to add loving messages and texts on your counter.

For example, you get a reminder that you are getting married after 178,326 heartbeats. This is a feature that is liked by its users all around the world. It allows you to focus on your wedding events.

It has a 4 by 1 widget with remarkable functionality with high speed. You can choose default themes along with the music. This is best to make your wedding countdown interesting by adding pictures. Pregnancy workout apps


  • The WeddingHappy

This is a remarkable wedding countdown app along with many features. It enables you to get in touch with various vendors. It also helps you to manage your budget by telling you how much each item costs in your to-do list.

It provides you with professional wedding planners within your locality. This assists in avoiding stress and hustle-bustle in planning your wedding. You can organize your wedding activities by using this app.

This provides a stress-free digital panning for people. WeddingHappy has a user-friendly interface. You can install it on both Android and iPhone through the Internet.

  • TheDayBefore

It’s one of the 10 best wedding countdown apps for Android and IOS. This is a reliable app to use on any of your devices. It has splendid features that remind you about your wedding day.

This makes it easy for a user to calculate the number of days left on their special day. It has stylish icons that are very pleasing to see. You can celebrate your wedding activities very happily.

Anyone can install it on Android and iPhone devices. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient to use. This makes it easy for you to enjoy your life before the wedding.

  • Joy-Wedding App

This is developed by Joy Life, Inc. to remind you about your wedding day. It’s a wedding countdown widget iPhone and Android. This is a helping hand for completing different tasks.
calorie counter & tracker app

You want to get a wedding gift but you are thinking about what to buy for your partner. So, don’t worry because it helps you to choose an impressive gift for your spouse. Like a beautiful white long dress with embroidery on it.

It helps to create a guest list with customized schedules. Furthermore, this assists to upload photos or videos. This allows online shopping for a wedding day. Also, recommends travel to places before or after marriage.

  • Wedding Counter

It’s in the list of 10 best wedding countdown apps for Android and IOS. This uses a user-friendly interface to make it more impressive. It makes the countdown clock more interesting by adding your photos.

This uses different styles and themes for the outlook of a clock. It lets you keep track of your upcoming wedding day. This comes in built-in templates for creating countdown clocks.

Final Thoughts:

These apps help in keeping a track of the time before the wedding day. So, you don’t get stressed about all the wedding activities. You complete your wedding checklist in an organized manner by using one of the apps.


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