11 Best Legal Apps for Lawyers

The world is becoming a digital world because of advancements in technology. Nowadays, people use apps to get benefits for their different objectives. All around the world, app’s market is improving day by day. They are very beneficial for the welfare of mankind. For the legal purpose, there is a wide range but the best 11 legal apps for lawyers are given below.

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11 Best Legal Apps for Lawyers: 

The best apps for lawyers in 2023 are chosen based on their efficient performance. Also, they provide many benefits in different aspects. These are the best productivity apps for lawyers. They are discussed as given below:

  • Clio

This is developed by Clio that’s why it is named Clio. It has millions of users with a rating of 4.0. Clio lets you access client’s data remotely and safely. It offers time tracking, contacts, and file management.

Clio is a free lawyer app for Android and iPhone devices. This is a cloud-based app that provides exceptional practicing services. It allows for keeping a track of billable and non-billable hours in real time.

The app’s encrypted messaging feature provides communication between lawyers and their clients. Any legal professional or client can e-sign documents through this app.
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  • Evernote

It’s a legal app for law students because it assists in taking notes. Furthermore, this is impressive for organizing legal documents along with task lists. Evernote stores business contacts of lawyers.

You can install it on Android and iPhone devices. To tackle your to-do list with tasks is done through it. You can see info with its customizable home dashboard.

Furthermore, you can capture a photo of a receipt, paper, and others. This is taken to adjust their dimensions for sharing purposes. One of its advantages is that this removes creases in folded documents.

  • GoodReader

GoodReader is one of the best iPad apps for lawyers on the Internet. This is a professional tool for creating, editing and converting PDF files. It syncs with Dropbox to store important legal case documents.

It highlights the mistakes with red lines for correction purposes. However, this annotates PDF files to make them impeccable. It’s an excellent app for organizing different legal data. Also, it can be used to review PDFs. It’s one of the 11 best legal apps for lawyers.

  • Slack 

The developer of Slack is Slack Technologies, Inc. It has millions of users with a rating of 4.0. This is the best for communication purposes in the lawyer’s community. Through it, anyone can collaborate with other people. It provides professional tools to attain the right solution for projects.

You install it on your Android or iPhone mobile. Then you can have video and audio calls with your team. To find out appropriate solutions for the legal case. Furthermore, you can set up an RSS feed to monitor examples for new citations. This is linked with Zapier to offer automation of legal research.

  • Feedly

Lawyers need real-time content for their work so this is an app to help them. Because it filters research, competitor analysis, and much more. However, this is one of the 11 best legal apps for lawyers. Anyone can streamline the content and can collect articles with tags.

Furthermore, it allows sharing of content on other social media platforms. This is installed on both Android and iPhone devices. It’s free to use but it has paid subscription plans too. The pro plan costs $6/month and the pro+ plan is priced at $8.25/month. Feedly is helpful for productive aspects.

  • Dictate+Connect

This is a remarkable app to take audio notes on typed materials. The developer of this legal app is JOTOMI GmbH. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. This has millions of users with a rating of 3.7.

It’s used to record thoughts or interviews. This is for syncing testimonies and interrogatories to your evidence. Dictate+Connect is installed on Android and IOS. You can utilize it to get benefits from this app.


  • Rocket Matter

It’s a legal app for clients and lawyers as well. This is trusted by millions of individuals. Rocket Matter has multiple document templates. Like Business contracts, Power of attorney, NDAs, and many other things.

This is one of the top 11 best legal apps for lawyers on the Internet. It allows people to capture, store, and protect evidence. For lawyers, this enables an e-sign feature. Anyone can manage their firm remotely. You can get it on both Android and IOS.

  1. Uptime Practice

This is an app that moves your law practice to the Cloud. It allows you to work from anywhere at any time. You can easily work in a secure virtual desktop environment. Uptime Practice provides remarkable practice management services. It allows the taking of law firms on the Cloud.

You can manage billing, documentation, calendaring, and client meetings through this legal app. However, you can keep a track of time, create new matters, and view client’s info. This is installed on both Android and iPhone devices. You can install it to get benefits from it.

  1. FastCase

It’s specifically designed for lawyers to conduct legal research out of office. This allows us to search by keyword, citation, and statute. FastCase is a free library of American cases. It has won the American Association of Law Libraries New Product of the Year Award.


This app enables you to sort out the most relevant results at the top of the list. Moreover, it integrates citation analysis tools for better productivity. It’s a must-have legal app for legal practices. FastCase has an extensive database of law articles, court rules, regulations, and much more. This is installed on both Android and iPhone.

  • iAnnotate 4

This iAnnotate is the best cloud-based app for lawyers on the Internet. Anyone can access documents from anywhere at any time. It assists to achieve syncing PDF files from different platforms. Through this app, anyone can review law material.

It’s the best way to annotate, share, and read different PDFs. This enables us to take e-sign agreements from others. Moreover, it allows anyone to insert their stamps on any required paper. This is only installed on iPhone devices. However, iAnnotate provides multiple other features.

  • Quimbee

Quimbee is one of the top 11 best legal apps for lawyers. It is very helpful in CLE preparations and much more. This provides you with all the professional tools to succeed in your law study. It’s an online informative app for graduates, law students, and practicing attorneys as well. Install it on your Android or iPhone.

It includes engaging video lessons, flashcards, multiple-choice quizzes, briefing of cases, and much more features. This has a library of courses to review transcripts. You can use it to get prepared for your bar exam anytime, anywhere very efficiently.
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Wrapping Up:

These apps are very beneficial for lawyers and law firms as well. They provide professional tools for better productivity. Use them according to your requirements for different purposes.


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