6 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone

On the Internet, you see many ads on different websites and apps. These ads are a way to earn brand recognition. Also, to get profitable business by uploading advertisements of various products. But ads get annoying because of their irrelevant or inappropriate content. There are 6 best ad blocker apps for Android and IOS.

Keep reading this to know astonishing aspects about ad blocker apps.

What is an Ad Blocker App?

An ad blocker app is a tool designed to remove or hide advertisements. Users used them to get rid of inappropriate ads. Because they don’t want to see any unsuitable material in front of them.

It eliminates the advertising material including intrusive ads. An effective ad blocker app blocks commercials from loading on your screen. Ad blocking is a safe way to choose because they hide online ads from you.

It significantly improves your exploring experience by removing intrusive ads. You can save your Android or iPhone from malicious ads. Also, you can prevent third-party tracking of your personal information.

6 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone:

There are many apps used for ad blocking but the top 6 best ad blocker apps for Android and iPhone are discussed as follows:

This is an ad-blocking app used by Android and iPhone users as well. It shields private data from online tracking and analytical systems. To prevent the stealing of your precious data.

This amazing app blocks ads throughout your mobile architecture including video ads, within your apps, games, and others. You can customize your ad preferences while loading fewer ads.


AdGuard, an ad blocker app is free and easy to use. It also offers a paid version that provides DNS protection and an advanced ad-blocking tool. It has an amazing feature that is called ‘Block elements on this page.’ By using this feature, you can pick elements like images, logos, and others.

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This blocks ads and provides a filter for protection against malware. It is used by Android and iPhone users all around the world. This is a free ad blocker app that optimizes your experience.

It works on both devices to block ads and disables tracking services. This allows non-disruptive also known as ‘’acceptable ads.’’ Its beneficial feature is that it allows non-intrusive content.

This is developed by an open-source community. It was first released in November 2016 by developer Karol Gusak. It’s a popular ad blocker and privacy app for Android and iPhone.

This is a modern ad blocker app that blocks ads on multiple devices. Nobody can track you from ads because of this amazing app. It’s a highly reliable ad-blocking app.

There are no bandwidth restrictions while using blockada. To save your data plan and to enhance your device speed. This is one of the 6 best ad blocker apps for Android and iPhone. With this app, you can protect your privacy on any other apps as well. Because it works across all other apps, not just your browsers.

This is one of the 6 best ad blocker apps for blocking intrusive ads. This app works on your smartphone’s browsers. It deals with annoying banners, pop-ups, and video ads. You can use it on Android and iPhone devices.

AdShield provides you with the best browsing security on every browser. It avoids all fraudulent and phishing websites. Also, it protects you from malware attacks. This amazing app hides your data from a multitude of trackers.

This is one of the 6 best ad blocker apps for Android and iPhone devices. It removes inappropriate ads from web pages. So, you can browse more efficiently and read valuable content. It provides amazing privacy protection features.

Ghostery is free but more advanced options that start at $4.99 a month. Furthermore, it’s at an $11.99 monthly tier that comes with a built-in VPN. You can use it to view trackers so you can see who’s trying to view your data.

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AdLock is an ad blocker app that runs in the background. It uses filters to block ads, auto-playing videos, and pop-ups. This enhances the speed of loading times. Also, automatically blocks the sites that are known to be unsafe. This not only stops ads on the browser but also blocks ads on other apps.

It removes intrusive ads from games, and much more. This secures your data from getting stolen. It disables malware-infected ads to provide you with remarkable security. This is a fully-fledged standalone ad blocker app working without any root access. Sniffle app

Final Thoughts:

Many intrusive and annoying ads are unbearable to see. To get rid of those inappropriate ads there are the top 6 best ad blocker apps on the Internet. Use them to block ads from your devices and life as well.

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