6 Best Vlog Apps for Android and iPhone mobiles

Vlog apps for Android | Best app for vlogging

Every day we all see so many videos and some have taken part in vlogging. Vlogs are posted daily on different social media platforms. YouTube is one of the initial platforms for posting vlogs. Vlogging cannot only be done by a simple camera phone because there is a lot of editing that is required. There are many apps for video editing and the 6 best apps for android and iPhone mobiles are discussed below.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is simply making videos and uploading them on social media Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It pays according to the number of audiences you can control. We have listed the best apps to help you edit your vlogs in the best way and attract more audiences. Some people are doing vlogging full-time because it pays well only when you know how to present your vlog and edit it.

6 best vlog apps for android and iPhone mobiles

Vidlab is an app designed for iPhone mobiles. It has many features you can edit short clips of videos and in between, you can add still images which add beauty to the creation of your vlog. The app is to edit your vlog and help you find the more colorful filter and funny stickers to add. It has multiple options and you can check the best vlog artist videos for appreciation.


  • It is affordable and you can edit for free as well.
  • Multiple options
  • Best for iPhone 


Inshot is the best video editing app and it is very easy to use. Inshot is for android and IOS. The app has plenty of features and many effects that can help edit the best vlog for your audience. When you are just starting to make vlogs, you should take a simple and easy step in editing your videos.


  • Collage maker
  •  Various video editing tools 
  • Free for many features but have to get the subscription for unlimited use.


Vlogit is a free mobile app that allows you to edit your videos in a unique and impressive manner. There is no limit to the lengths of the videos and it is one of the best app for vlogging and it is designed for iPhone.


  • Custom thumbnail creation
  • No watermark and time limit
  • Add videos and sound effects


ViVavideo is an android and iPhone app used for video editing purposes. It has many features that make sure, it is one of the best apps for editing. You can make your video editing skills excel to pro.  Vivavideo has many aesthetic features and effects that make the visual more attractive to watch.


  • trimming, editing
  • speed control
  • themes, stickers


Cap cut is also an editing app for Android and iPhone. It is best for editing and you can add images to the videos. There is plenty of effects and themes that can make the video and there is the slow-motion feature as well.


  • Keyframe animation
  • Smooth slow-motion
  • Chroma-key, stabilization


If you are a Vlogger and you have not heard about the Vizmato app for editing, you are missing out best themes. It is designed for iPhone and has themes and effects that can add beauty to your vlog. The more you make your vlog and edit like a pro the more audience will watch your vlog.
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  • Stickers to videos
  • 140 royalty-free music
  • Directly share to Youtube or other social media platforms

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Vlogging is now trending as a career and so many teenagers are working as hard as they can. To make the best vlog you need the best editing. The best editing apps for androids and iPhones are discussed above. Make your audience watch the best among all and earn more viewers.


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