7 Best Facebook Alternative Apps

Facebook is a free online social media service used for connecting with people. This is a leading social network in the social and communication category. But for the last few years, Facebook hasn’t proven itself as a fun provider. From political fighting to rumors and privacy concerns, people are deleting their accounts altogether. There are many apps but the top 7 best Facebook alternative apps are chosen for you.

7 Best Facebook Alternative Apps:

The social networks are described as follows because they respect your privacy and keep your data secure:

  1. MeWe

This app is developed with the latest social-sharing technology. It promotes itself by using its tag line ‘’next-gen social network.’’ Privacy is built into this impressive app. This is one of the top 7 best Facebook alternative apps.

It has 20 million users all around the world. This app provides you with many features like groups, private chat, a newsfeed, and much more. This avoids what nobody likes in an app like ads, targeted content, and others.

This app supports 20 languages and offers a wide range of services. It asserts ‘’your private life is #Not4Sale’’ and backs it up with a privacy bill of rights. You can install it on both Android and IOS.

  1. Diaspora

This alternative app is based on three key philosophies of decentralization, privacy, and freedom. It has a user-friendly interface and includes messaging, hashtags, is ads-free, and others.

Diaspora has over 700K users across the globe. This allows its users to join pods. Also, allows you to control your activity in this online social world. You can install it on Android and IOS as well.

With Diaspora, you can host your own pod and can interact with other pods of your choice. It allows you to share your posts on your other social media sites.


  1. Mastodon

This was launched in 2017 as an open-source federated social network. Its main focus is on the user’s personal interaction. Mastodon has incredible features like decentralized, ads-free, dark mode, two-factor authentication, and many others.

It doesn’t track you or use your personal data. This supports the use of mentions through this sign @ and notifies the users personally. People like its user-friendly interface. You can interact with the world by using it.

  1.  Twitter

This is the best platform to broadcast your thoughts to a wider audience. Many publications or news channels take breaking news from Twitter. This amazing alternative app took Facebook’s fundamental feature—status update.

Mostly, it is used by celebrities and politicians. You can use it too because there is no restriction for its utilization. If you make your account private then only your followers can see your posts and activity.

One drawback of Twitter is that you can’t write up to 280 characters to express your thoughts or ideas.

  1. Minds

This is a community-owned app that uses decentralization and other impressive features. It is free and easy to use on Android and IOS devices. Over 2.5 million people are using this Facebook alternative app.

Its privacy policy states that it doesn’t share user’s personal information with anyone else. Mind members can use ‘’Mind Tokens’’ and this token is a form of cryptocurrency.

This uses game-designed elements like point scoring, achievements, and others. In the social network space, Minds are the antidote against censorship, algorithm manipulation, and surveillance.

By using this, you can view status, check-ins, photos, posts, groups, blogs, and much more. This has no restrictions for posting.

  1.  Instagram 

All around the world, people liked to use this amazing app. This is one of the top 7 best Facebook alternative apps. People post their thoughts and ideas along with a photo or video through this app.

It keeps you happier and more engaged with your social media family. Many posts a picture or reel, put stories, and others. On Instagram, you find celebrity’s accounts to follow and see their activity. You can post publicly, can share stories with specific friends, or post privately.

  1. Snapchat

This is one of the top 7 best Facebook alternative apps. Snapchat is impressive for posting more private messages. This doesn’t keep a permanent record on the Internet.

It focuses on the privacy of its users because it provides a self-destructing feature. After 24 hours, Snapchat erases all messages, pictures, and videos automatically.

This provides a diverse range of filters like a spider crawling on your face, a cat-face filter, and much more. You can put stories on your Snapchat account and start streaks with others all around the world.

Final Thoughts: 

The top 7 best Facebook alternative apps offer Facebook’s features. But these are providing remarkable benefits to the people. Because they respect the user’s privacy and have a user-friendly interface.

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