7 Best Hair Stylist Apps for android and IOS

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In this era mobile hair stylist app, everyone is looking for unique ideas about everything they do whether it is clothes, shoes, or hairstyles. You have plenty of options as a customer but as a stylist, you need to get inspiration to do a more versatile style on your customer’s hair.

Everything is on the phone, right? So why does the hair stylist have to struggle for more innovative designs? Here are the 7 best hair stylist apps for android and IOS. Are you ready to get detailed information about hairstyles and the apps we can use?

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7 best hair stylist apps for android and IOS near me

Sometimes as we wanted to take the picture, it turns out not the same. Now you cannot dress up again and take photos. You can edit your photos in apps like snapseed that help you make your photos look exactly the way you wanted them to be. Snapseed helps you achieve your goals as a hairstylist. Add your perfect edited image to the hairstylist portfolio you are creating.

Snapseed helps you achieve your goal as a hairstylist. It has many features that you can use for free.


  • Tune image
  • White balance
  • Brush
  • Powerful editing tools


The famous Snapchat app is very useful as its filters are very versatile and help you select the filter directly and you can click your photo. As a hairstylist, you must know every possible feature of an app that is useful for your career. You can add your photos to the best filters and add them to your portfolio that you are making for hairstylists. A hairstylist should look like one who is creative and innovative seeping out of his/her personality.


  • Different funny filter
  • Update regularly
  • New filters

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Instagram is making its way into social media platforms like no other app. This application is introducing new features every day and it is the best chance for a hairstylist to get on the social media stage and show some new unique hairstyles. You can get inspiration from many hair stylists on Instagram sharing reels, posts, and stories.


  • Frequent new updates
  • Reels & videos
  • Hashtags help you get top ranking

Best apps for hair stylist photos

Canva is like a mini adobe. It provides you with so many options to edit your photos, flyers, posts for social media and so much more. it is an amazing app with a lot of free templates. You can design your portfolio with free templates for hairstylists. The photos and images you want to edit, everything you can do with canvas. It is also paid and some of the best templates are paid.


  • Video trimmer
  • Convert videos to MP4
  • Photo effects
  • Image enhancer
  • Affordable
  • Also available for free


Hair is the first thing someone notices about you. it is definitely because they are right there at the top. Hair color and styles make your personality more colorful. Before you go to the salon and get your hair colored. you can check before coloring on this app which color will suit you more. As a hairstylist, you can also get ideas for your customers based on their skin tones and get the perfect color for your customer.

YouTube has plenty of videos for you, starting from haircut videos to hairstyles of different and unique styles.  YouTube is a platform where you can get plenty of hairstyles. As a hairstylist, you can make your channel and earn a passive income.

It has made easier with short videos. It is like watching a story.


Pinterest is the hub of every little to the big thing you need to get an idea about hairstylists. If you want a haircut or hair dye you first get the idea of how it will look on you. you can create your own profile as a hairstylist and give your own unique and wonderful ideas.


We all want to look good and our hair is the most noticeable part. You want healthy hair and want to look good. Your hairstyle mostly decides the volume of your hair. You can get the best ideas from the 7 best hairstylist apps for android and IOS explained above. These will help you decide the best and keep you updated about the new trendy fashion.

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