8 Best coloring apps for toddlers

It is clear to everyone how much toddlers have energy in them and they always want to occupy themselves. As a parent, with work and home and kids, your toddler needs more attention and requires something to keep them busy. Now technology is helping us make our kid’s childhood fun and interesting. There are several coloring apps available for toddlers. Toddlers are fans of making messes and if you cannot take a risk putting color palette and brushes in their hands. You can teach them to draw and color and keep them clean.

Are you a working parent? Do you worry about your toddler not getting proper attention and time? These apps are for you, coloring apps for toddlers keep them busy and let them explore new things.

Your toddlers have a lot of energy to express and through colors, it will be a more innovative and beautiful experience for your kids.

Let’s make the life of toddlers more colorful with these coloring apps;

8 Best Coloring apps for toddlers:

  • Baby Coloring book for kids

It is an app that engages your toddlers and helps them color and draws whatever they like. This app can develop fine skills in your kid and polish the artist inside them. Toddlers are full of energy and make the best out of anything they do.

This app will help working parents focus on their work rather than constantly worrying about their children. If you are driving with your toddler or stuck in traffic you can simply hand over your mobile or tablet to them and open the coloring app. They will enjoy the app and learn new skills.

You can install the app for your kids on Android and iPhone for free. 4 years plus can use the app.



  • Pixel Art: Paint by number

This app is a bit advanced for toddlers but for students aged 12 years plus can easily use it. This app includes many features that help to build homes, color them and get rewards, it is a game that enhances your children’s skills.

The app allows and supports 3D themes. This will engage the students more in art and if your kid is facing any lack of interest in the art class, this app is for you. You can easily install the app from both android and iPhone.

The app will help your kid shine bright in the art class because of the strategy and themes available in the app.



  • Colorscapes

This app gives features that help with coloring and gives objects and artwork to color. It helps you make the landscape, manuals, and more. This app guides you to draw and color the house, landscape, and anything that you have created.

Your children over the age of 12 years have tons of energy and get the chance to polish their skills. This app is only helping your kid have the best experience in the color world.

You can install the app from Android and iPhone for free.




  • Happy Color

Happy color is making the children happy with its amazing entertainment features. Some features make the app best for use. Colors fill the lively nature in your life and you can make your children explore a world they have never seen.

It gives children the opportunity to create with love, interest, and much more they are having.

You can install the app from the Apple store or Google play store for free but it also offers purchase-in features.



  • Coloring book: Paint by Number

Coloring book apps offer a wide range of pages to access in the library for kids. There are several apps available for kids but they will help you make your children explore more. This app is for 4 years plus kids and they can draw or color as they want.

It keeps the kids busy while you work and make the best out of your performance and meanwhile your kid plays with the app.

You can install the app for free and it has purchase-in options.



  • Happy canvas: Color by number

Life is a canvas and you can paint your life with the colors you want. The happy canvas app is best for kids who are 4 years plus. Each of the features in the app is specially developed for toddlers and helps them make their life colorful.

When you boost your kids to use technology and help them go through everything they can use at that age using the app.

You can install the app on your phone or tablet for the kids.




  • Unicorn coloring book

This app helps kids develop their coloring and drawing skills, making them go through every feature. This app gives you two mode options. It allows the kids to use their fingers to draw while touching the tablet and mobile phone.

The app offers a 1-touch color feature to tap on the coloring page to fill the selected part of the image in the drawing.

You can easily install the app for free.



  • ABC Coloring book-Edu Paint

This app not only helps kids learn about coloring but also makes them learn about the alphabet, letters, and numbers.

There are also shapes that help kids learn many things at the age when they should be taught by their parents. When you are not always available and just want the best for your kid like every parent.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  • How do I get a 2-year-old interested in coloring?

You can install the coloring app for free on your mobile phone and engage your kids. You can make them interested just by downloading it and allowing them to paint and color.


  • Is there a coloring app without ads?

There are some coloring apps available with purchase-in features and they can be ad-free and will not disturb your kid while painting, drawing, or coloring.

  • What is the best free color-by-number app?

Happy canvas is a free app with many features you can install and let your children have fun.

  • Is there a coloring app where you can pick your colors?

Yes, plenty of apps like colorscapes allow you to pick your color from the palette. The coloring book allows you to pick your favorite color.

  • Is Happy Color a free app?

Happy color is a free app that you can install from the play store and some features are unlocked if purchased.

Final thoughts:

Toddlers are full of energy and to keep them calm and utilize their energy into a positive one. Best coloring apps help parents and toddlers make the best out of their time and these apps help kids and working parents. It actively engages children in fun activities.

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