8 best voice changer apps for Android and iPhone

best voice changer apps

Are you looking for fun apps to prank your friends and family? Here we have the 8 best apps for android and iPhone users. These apps can be really fun when you plan to prank with a voice change that also has different kinds and turn out to be pretty awesome. The most amusing smartphone applications are voice-changing apps that help you have fun memories with your friends and family.

The magic of the apps lets you play with your voice changing into someone else’s. One of the best apps that your voice changes to is available for android and iPhone.

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  • Best voice changer- Free

Well, using a voice changer is the best way to prank your friends because it means no harm. You can guess how the application works just by its name. It is the best voice changer and is free to install on your mobile phone.

This app includes features that make it the best one.

  • It lets you import audio files or record directly to change the voice.
  • It is free to install
  • It allows uploading your recording on social media



  • Super voice editor

When friends are doing pranks on you so you have to tell them you are not left behind and can answer through technology. Smartphones are making us have fun and prank calls with voice change effects through voice changer apps.

The best among all has features like this;

  • You can install it for free
  • It helps you select as many options as you can for voice changer
  • It allows you to change the voice of your friends into funny voices.



  • Voice changer plus

One of the best apps that change the voice when you select the options provided includes a cat, dog, celebrities, and many other options that you can convert your voice into. Technology is making everyone happy these days and exploring new applications and features to have fun with your friends over phone calls.

The features that help you decide whether you should install the app or not;

  • It offers plenty of voice effects
  • It allows users to trim their videos.
  • You can select the effects for audio recordings.



  • Snapchat

You can make your selfie videos and turn them into funny faces and change voices according to your taste. Snapchat is the most famous app that is used by android and iPhone users and with plenty of filters that are funny turning your voice into a speed or slow or cat version.

  • It allows you to record the video along with voice-changing filters.
  • It offers the best editing filters
  • It records and saves memories even if you delete them from your phone.



  • Voice changer with effects

The apps are fun to use and let you do wonders with your friends and families and pranks. After that you never get caught through voice changer apps using its all effects and editing the audio for fun.

Several features help you make the fun voice changer edits;

  • It allows you to make your favorite funny edits.
  • It offers many options for voice changes.
  • It makes you have some fun memories with your friends.



  • Fun calls voice changer & call recording

Now you do not have to record the voice and do pranks on your friends but you can directly call them using this app for fun calls. Voice changer that will make you another person to the one who is listening to you.

The features that make this app one of the best;

  • It is available for free with a lot of different effects.
  • Super effects that are best for prank calls
  • It is worth downloading.



  • Voice FX

This app is free to install and also available in-purchase version for better and more advanced effects. This fun process of modulating the audio files can be carried out smoothly using the app. Voice FX is a fun app for many reasons and some enlisted below;

  • It offers live streaming.
  • It allows exporting files in MP3.
  • Pre-recorded files can be edited.


  • Celebrity voice changer

Well, the craze about celebrities and following them, trying to wear and be like them has been in the air since the beginning of the entertainment industry. In case you want to sound like your favorite celebrity crush as well. install the app and enjoy the effects and sounds like the ones you follow.

  • It offers automatic voice changes.
  • Several voice selection options.
  • Excellent impressions of your favorite celebrities.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the most realistic voice changer for the iPhone?

Celebrity voice changer is one of the most realistic ones. You can install the app for free and enjoy the voice-changing effects.

  • What is the best app to change your voice?

Voice changers listed above are the best ones so far and you can read about the features you want to install that suit you best.

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  • What is the best free voice changer app for iPhone?

For iOS users, there are links provided in this article and you can install the app from your apple store. Celebrity voice changer for iOS.

  • Is there an app that can change your voice while on the phone?

Yes, there are plenty of apps that can change your voice into a funny voice. Voice changer, Funcall voice changer, Voice FX, etc.

  • Is there a real-time voice changer?

The celebrity voice changer app is a real-time app that helps you make the best changes in your voice converting it into your favorite celebrity voice.


This article is explaining the apps you can install on your iPhone or android for voice-changing effects. The fun is a never-ending game you want to play with friends and family. Technology has made it easier and more advanced so that you can use different innovative prank ideas and voice changer is one of them.

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