9 best blood pressure apps for Android

Health is one of the most important things in any person’s life. If you are healthy, you can enjoy everything. If you are not healthy, it will be like a car without an engine and petrol.

There are a large number of applications developed in the category “Health” on your mobile phone. These apps are available on the google play store or apple store and can convert your mobile phone into the best diagnostic tool for different diseases. The apps will notify you about different health-related conditions. Here are 9 apps for monitoring blood pressure for free; you can install any one of them right now!

But it is notable that apps cannot check your blood pressure because for that you need to have a tonometer. Apps only help you to keep track of blood pressure.

Let’s dive into it;

  1. Blood pressure app pro


This app helps you keep track of your blood pressure and it is easy to use. You can simply install it from the play store. The apps will help you analyze and track your blood pressure. It allows you to find a simple, easy, and best way to control your blood pressure. It will make your lifestyle easier and will keep you updated regarding your health. It is a simple way to analyze, control, and keep a record of your blood pressure. You will update your app data according to the reading you will get from the tonometer.


You do not have to worry about your health now in terms of keeping a check. This app helps you monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, weight, etc.


Now you can keep it on your mobile phone for everyday analysis. You can install it from the play store.



  1. Blood pressure diary

When there are a lot of other things you are stressing about in daily life. Let us minus the one from it. You are diagnosed with hypertension and stress makes your day worse. This app will help you check your blood pressure on your mobile phone. It just keeps your record and tracks your blood pressure.

It indicates your B.P. when you have measured with the tonometer. You can only keep track but cannot measure with the app.


You can log and keep track of systolic, diastolic, and pulse rates by just using the mobile app. It is a free android app that helps you with your health checks and is easy to use with several features.



  1. Blood pressure monitor

Health can never be compromised because we cannot enjoy anything if we are not healthy. If you are diagnosed with hypertension and need to monitor your blood pressure every hour or two. There are apps available for install both on android and iPhone. It is worth telling you that these apps only help you check and see the record but to measure your blood pressure you need to use a tonometer.


The app blood pressure monitor helps you keep a record and monitor your B.P. from time to time. You do not have to worry about your hypertension, pulse rate, or anything related to your health because this app will keep you updated about your health and notify you.



  1. Blood pressure app

Your health is what you should always take care of. This app will help you monitor your blood pressure daily. You just need to put your diastolic and systolic pressure in the app along with your pulse rate and measurement. Now the app will do its work for you, you can easily check your blood pressure with the help of the blood pressure app.

This will help you email your data directly to your doctor so you do not have to write every single measurement. This app makes your daily life easier because of its simple and easy use. When a hypertension patient is diagnosed, it only stresses them out more. You can easily install this app to lessen your stress.



  1. BP journal; Blood pressure log

This app will help you make your blood pressure journal record it and send it to your physician or health care specialist. The daily record helps you maintain your health to keep you updated on what you should eat and what you should not.

Journals help you keep track of your daily tasks and you should have a BP journal to keep your blood pressure on the record. Health is what we always should care about no matter what. Once you take your health for granted you can never get it back to the way it was before.

Fast keyboard data entry is available to put blood pressure measurements and pulse rate which makes it easier to send pdf to your doctor. You can set reminders to monitor blood pressure or to take medication.




  1. Blood pressure checker diary

This app serves as your companion to your home blood pressure monitor. This app allows you to log your blood pressure average measurements. The app will help you control your blood pressure through its many built-in features which control blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood sugar level.

It will help you measure, analyze, and make your comprehensive report to send away. The doctor will love it as it will include everything that he needs to check. Your health will never be compromised and the blood pressure app will make sure you are eating well and keeping your health prioritized.



  1. Blood pressure (BP) watch


Blood pressure watch with one million install and reviews that convince you to install it to keep your blood pressure under control. Keeping your calendar of health organized and updated is what you need if you are diagnosed with multiple diseases.

A blood pressure (BP) watch makes it easier to calculate your weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar level all at once. You can also edit it according to your liking the color themes and statistics. It is available free on the Play Store for you. It is just one click away.




  1. Blood pressure app; BP monitor

We all have something to keep our record in, right? Some use diaries, others use notes. Now that technology has wiped out manual work to some extent then why not use apps to keep your record on your mobile, one finger-click away? Yes! You should install this app because it has 100k plus install with thousands of positive reviews. It helps you maintain your record and history of health-related measurements.

It is not only helping you record your blood pressure but also your weight, blood sugar level, glucose level, BMI calculator, and pulse rate as well.

Get your app for free from the Play Store on android mobile.



  1. Blood pressure diary by MedM


Do you need to keep a record on a regular basis?  You can install the app Blood pressure diary by MedM. It is easy to use and you can connect it with Bluetooth as well. Your blood pressure monitor can help you measure your blood pressure but this app will help you record all the history saved to show it to your doctor.


It is established according to the health standards to keep you updated about discoveries. You can put your data into the log and keep the record and send it to your doctor for regular check-up details. The app reminders are suitable for older people with memory problems.



Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Which is the best BP measuring app for Android?

There are several BP measuring apps for android and it is sometimes very hard to choose the best one. Blood pressure diary is one of the best apps explained above and you can install it for free from your android mobile.


  • What is the best app for taking blood pressure?

The app you can use to take your blood pressure reading is not possible to install because blood pressure is only measured by a tonometer. The app will help you keep the record and remind you when to take the next reading.


  • Are blood pressure apps any good?

Blood pressure apps are useful for older people with memory problems. They can easily get reminders to check their blood pressure. Anyone can install the app and keep checking their blood pressure reading.


  • Is there an app to check your blood pressure on your phone?

There is no app available that can check your blood pressure because it is impossible. You can get the blood pressure app to keep the history of your measurements. It can also be helpful to keep a record of weight, BMI, sugar level, etc.


  • How do I check my blood pressure with my smartphone?


It is technically not possible to check your blood pressure but you can connect your mobile app to the monitor at home so that you get the reminder to check it. Once you connect, it will be a companion to your blood pressure monitor.
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Final Words:

Well, this was quite a discussion to help you out selecting which app to install for your android so that you can keep a record of your blood pressure. Your health should be a priority. You can install any app you think is suitable for you and is best to keep you updated and your doctor as well.

As they say about health;

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” 

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