9 Best Quilting Design Apps


In the conventional days, people went to quilt design houses for quilting purposes. That was tedious and troubling for them in those days. Now the world is advancing in the field of technology. There are the top 9 best quilting design apps to create new styles. These are the quilt-making artistic medium to develop modern techniques. They are very beneficial to use for quilting purposes.

What is a quilt?

A quilt is a type of bed covering created for the warm purpose. Moreover, it is made by using three layers of fabric padded together to make a single covering.

The three layers of fabric are the top, middle, and bottom. The top and bottom layers are developed by using high quality cotton fabric. But the middle one is of padded batting to make an impressive quilt.

What is quilting?

This is a process of sewing two or more layers of fabric altogether. It’s done to develop thick padded material to create a quilt. Quilting is done to protect the three layers of a quilt. Also, it provides an impressive element to finished goods.

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9 best quilting design apps: 

These quilt design apps are free quilting apps for Android and iPhone. They are providing remarkable benefits like quilt block design, calculation, and much more. All are described as given below:

  • Quilt Cat

This is developed by Quiltmatic that provides impressive quilt designs. It allows the creation of beautiful quilt layouts. Quilt Cat offers 335 geometric quilt block designs. It’s a free quilting app for Android.


The app has millions of users along with a 4.0 rating. This is known as the best editor for patchwork blocks. Quilt Cat enables one to draw different patterns in a precise manner. Because this quilt design app provides accurate calculations. For that purpose, you don’t need to do the difficult math.

  • How To Quilt 

This quilt design app for Android guides you from the initial step. As a result, you’ll become a pro at creating beautiful quilts. It helps you to choose the right fabric for your product. This is one of the 9 best quilting design apps.

The developer of ‘How To Quilt’ is Expert Home Studio. This has millions of users with a 3.9 rating. This gives the best experience to its users all around the world. People like to use it for their quilt projects.

  • Quilt Blocks App

The Quilt Blocks app is an app that allows sharing of block work with other quilters all around the world. It enables them to create a challenge between them. After a week, this publishes a wide range of block designs. These blocks have piecing instructions along with the required fabrics.

You have to install this quilt app on your Android device. An exceptional homepage is displayed after opening it. You quilt the block and post photos on this app. Furthermore, you can share it on Facebook pages to inspire other quilters with innovative ideas. At the end of the year, you will have 52 blocks which are more for quilt projects.

  • Stash Star Fabric

It’s a quilt wizard app for iPhone and the developer of Stash Star Fabric is Stash Star LLC. This helps to organize the collection of fabric. People get high quality fabrics from the best vendors at affordable prices. It has a 3.6 rating along with millions of users.


In this app, you can add photos of fabric with their names and information. You can also keep data about purchasing fabric with many other things. When you need fabric info then this app provides it at right time. Furthermore, uploading photos is done through this stash star fabric app.

  • QuiltSandwich

This is an exceptional app for providing different features. The developer of QuiltSandwich is NNN Software. It helps in determining the amount of fabric required for the quilt’s layering. This presents calculations in form of diagrams. QuiltSandwich makes it easy to check yardage at the cutting table. It’s one of the lists of the top 9 best quilting design apps.

One of its best features is that it provides a calculator portion. Like cutting dimensions, back size, binding, and much more things. This provides free editing services to improvise projects. It organizes a project’s pieces and checks color balance. This has a user-friendly interface for convenient use. It’s installed only on iPhone devices.

  • Quilt Wizard 

It’s the best quilt design app for iPad and was developed by Patrick Diligent. A quilt wizard is a graphic tool for quilters. It has several features to provide an impressive quilt to complete the project.

You can use its ‘Designer Wall’ option to choose blocks, textiles, sizes, and other essential things. Furthermore, you can select colors from various options to do online designing. By using this app, you can save your finished project in your smartphone’s gallery.

  • Quiltler 

This is a free online quilt designing app that provides easy designing of quilts. It helps to create new eye-catching designs. This has a list of figures, symbols, and icons that complements the designs. It calculates the required amount of fabric in yards and inches for each square.

You can take photos or upload them from your phone’s library. It lets you change the quilt patterns up to 35×35 in pattern blocks. Also, this allows choosing of different colors. In the end, you can save your finished quilt. This is installed on the iPhone devices like iPad and others.

  • Quilting Tutorials

This is developed by Creativity, Inc. which provides tutorials on quilting. But its founder is Missouri Star Quilt Company. Quilting Tutorials is the best quilt design app for IOS and Android.

You want to seek inspiration for your quilts but having trouble in your quilting process. Then this quilt design app helps you to improve your quilt. It has very benefits for you beyond your imagination.

This allows you to install quilt tutorial videos. The videos are of HD quality with informative content. At very low prices, it sells precut fabrics all around the world.

  • Quilting Calculators

It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. This provides various options to measure the size of materials and designs. The Quilting calculator works with both U.S. and metric measurements. This does the math for the quilting purpose very efficiently.


You can install this quilting design app. After that, you can get precise quilting measures. It converts between inches and yards in decimal form. Moreover, yards are in fractional form. You enter anything in this app and click the ‘calculate’ button. As a result, an accurately measured calculation is provided to you. This is installed on Android and iPhone devices.

Final Thoughts: 

These quilting design apps help in improving your quilt projects. They are very helpful in providing innovative patterns. Also, they assist in giving accurate measurements for your quilts.

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