Advantages of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

As you know, Email Marketing is direct marketing that helps you to connect directly with people and promote your brand, which can be a reason for your products sales, you may have heard from someone that Email Marketing is dead but you don’t have to worry because it is still going amazingly and there are multiples advantages of Email Marketing and also tools for email marketing.

  1. Cost-effective

You compare it to other marketing channels so, you will know that its cost is way less than theirs because you don’t have to pay for printing or media that is true you can invest in software to track and automate the emails but still they cost lower than any other advertisement.

  1. Personalized Content

Do you know? Contact name in email gets higher response than usual!

That’s why to get a higher response you can add a contact name moreover in email marketing you can also create personalized content based on audience segmentation so that you send the right emails to the right customers.

  1. Target Audience 

There are plenty of people who check their emails daily who can assist you in achieving the best results, but if you want to spend money that has a rare chance of being wasted, you should target the audience who is interested in your brand.

  1. Collecting feedback and survey 

To know your Drawbacks plus point is essential because that will help you to know where you are standing right now and how far you have to go!

Not just this also if you want your customers to stay connected with you and buy frequently so, you should collect the feedback of your customers. This survey will help you to come up with strategies that can improve your customer experience.

  1. Improve Sales

Email Marketing is a perfect way if you want to increase your sales. Your email marketing campaign can encourage those who are interested to buy your products this can assist you to improve sales.

In addition, You can automate your emails which can also improve your sales for that you can use different tools which give you limited free emails.

  1. Generate Traffic 

When you do an Email Marketing Campaign you can bring traffic and can improve your page SEO for that you have to attach your site link with an email and if you want them to click on the link so, you have to use CTA (Call To Action) formula.

  1. Leads Increase

You can definitely bring leads with email marketing if you use the correct technique. For example, If someone signs up, that person will begin receiving your company’s emails, and engaging copywriter content can increase leads.

  1. Timely Campaigns

One of the Advantages of Email Marketing is that you can start campaigns in a short time because in other advertising methods you have to take a lot of time to plan campaigns but still you cannot be sure if that will work or not but in email marketing, you don’t have to go through these phases. You just have to make sure that you send the emails at the right time to the right person.

  1. Shareable 

Anyone can easily share your amazing deals with their friends and family; all they have to do is subscribe, whereas other marketing methods do not allow you to do so. This act can help your brand become more well-known with little effort, and there is a various brand that uses these tactics.

  1. Easy to get started 

When you want to market your brand you will find plenty of marketing tactics but for that, you need a proper team in Email Marketing you don’t need any huge team you can start instantly with limited people.

Additionally, you don’t need any fancy templates, videos, and images because the content of the email is most important than anything else that’s why your content should be highly qualified and engaging.

  1. Easy to measure 

Another advantage of email marketing is that you can easily know where you are going wrong and quickly you can make it correct because there are tools for email marketing that can quickly scan the problem which can be helpful for you.


Effective tools for Marketing

As you are consistently hearing about the tools for marketing so, let’s discuss the tools for Marketing!

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot offers an email marketing tool that is totally reliable and can help your business to grow, you must have a question, How? So in the Hubspot, email marketing tool whether you have to send lead offers or thank you for a message or anything else you can use the free version of it Yes! Hubspot Marketing tool is free for up to 2000 emails per month and the upgrade prices start from only 50$.


  1. MailChimp


MailChimp is also one of the email marketing tools which is popular and most usable. it also provides the free version which provides basic features like scheduling or email Creation. The best thing about this mail service is its recommended feature which can optimize your email marketing efforts.

MailChimp is free for 2000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month, and pricing begins at $10.


  1. Mailjet


Mailjet is also one of the marketing tools which can help you to create a highly effective email marketing campaign. There you can customize any pre-design template or you can add dynamic content that totally depends on you.

In Mailjet free plan you can have 100,000 contacts and you can send up to 6000 emails in a month and its starting package is $7.49/month.


  1. ZOHO


The campaign process at Zoho is divided into three stages: Basic Details, in which you enter the campaign’s name and email address, Content, and The Audience This can also be very beneficial if you want to start email marketing campaigns.

In Zoho, you can unlock free 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails monthly moreover the starting package price starts from 5$ a month.

These are not the only tools for email marketing but they are one of the most usable marketing tools.


To cap up all this in a nutshell, Email Marketing is still the best and less invested thing and you must have found out that because of the above-mentioned advantages of email marketing but yes! You can automate your emails by using email marketing tools that offer free but limited emails.

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