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Top 10 Best AI Essay Writer Tools to Create Original Content In 2023

In the old days, it was a challenging task to make difficult work into an easy one. As technology is advancing, there are tools developed to make your tasks easier. There are the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023. They will help you to get unique content in less time.

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Top 10 Best AI Essay Writer Tools to Create Original Content In 2023:

There are many AI writing tools but for you, we have chosen the top 10 Best AI Essay Writer Tools to Create Original Content In 2023. They are described as follows:

  • Jasper:

All around the world, this has become the best approach for people. As it provides a commendable platform to generate content. This aims at freelancers, businesses, content marketers, and many others.


It comprises an extensive library of writing templates. From that, you get new features and innovations. That saves your time for content generation. Your overall website performance gets better.


This raised $125 Million at a valuation of $1.5 billion. This amount of money helps it to stay in the competition for a long time. Jasper is one of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023.


It uses the latest GPT-3 technology and offers many templates. This offers great customer support. Jasper along with SEO automation tools helps you to evaluate keywords and improve content for enhancing ranking position.


You get its starter pack for $29/month for 20k words. And in its boss mode, it charges $59/month for 50K words.


  • GrowthBar 


This is an SEO-optimized AI writing tool to generate content. Also, it provides you with plenty of services like checking your ranking. Helps you to do keyword research and track SEO performance. Furthermore, it assists to inspect other websites by showing how they are ranking.


It’s a commendable tool for writing content marketing. When you use GrowthBar then you see internal links suggestions. This includes a fully interactive document editor to optimize your content.


GrowthBar is a content generator to create an impressive blog post. You can get the advantage of this AI content generator as an extension in WordPress. This assists you to attain SEO-optimized Meta descriptions. The standard pack of it comes at $29/month and the pro package is $79/month. Its agency mode is $129/month.


  • Copy AI


This is an impressive AI tool for writing content. You can use it to write blog posts, emails, social media posts, and much more. This tool analyzes the words and gives suggestions for improving them. Copy AI uses 90+ tools and 100+ templates.


In a few minutes, you can write long content easily. It uses many languages to give content in different languages. This can create digital ad copy, website copy, sales copy, and blog copy.


Copy AI is one of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023. This focuses on your targeted audiences. It’s easy to use as it provides a user-friendly interface. This offers a free plan without any cost. But it has a pro plan which comes in at $49/month. QVC Program Guide


  • Scalenut


This is one of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023. Scalenut is the best approach for SEO-oriented content generation. This will ensure better growth of the website and for higher ranking.


Its AI algorithm uses SEO and NLP techniques to assist you to create engaging content. In this, you write in your keywords also gives you a document editor focused on your keyword.


In this, you select operators and AI connectors to give directions about your content. An aspect of it is the Manageable Marketplace in which anyone can hire professionals to write long-form copy-writings.


The individual package of Scalenut comes at $29/month. Growth for an ideal business comes in at $79/month. Pro is for large teams, businesses, and agencies priced at $149/month.


  1. Rytr


This is a tool that uses AI technology to create content. Content created by it is for many purposes like blog posts, email marketing, and e-commerce product descriptions.


Rytr algorithm is based on historical data means that they find content on the internet. To keep its written content unique and original. You can write content in any language. Also, it translates the content automatically.


In this editor, you can edit your content in a very easy way. It gives access to a wide range of marketing tools. This can create email campaigns and landing pages.


Rytr is one of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023. This helps to track social media performance. Its free plan gives 10k characters per month. The saver plan generates 100K characters per month at $9/month. Its unlimited plan offers unlimited characters per month at $29/month.


  1. QuillBot


One of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023 is QuillBot. This is remarkable for re-writing essays, summarizing, and proofreading. It assists you to improve your content in a better way.


If you are a student then it’s the best essay writer tool you should use. Because this generates citations for your paper also check its plagiarism. It is available on Google Chrome extensions and you can extend your writing material.


Its monthly plan comes at $9.95/month. The premium plan (semi-annually) for $6.66/month. QuillBot premium plan (Annually) comes at $4.17/month. You can choose according to your requirement.


  • INK


Writing content is hard because you have to research, write and optimize it for search engines. That is time-consuming and tedious. If you are not doing it right then Google doesn’t rank your website.


But don’t worry because one of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023 is INK. This INK editor has a powerful AI system and vocabulary. That helps you generate optimized content in a few minutes.


INK is one tool to create blog posts, articles, and much more to rank on Google. It uses four tools AI writer, SEO optimizer, Copy Assistant, and Content planner.


The AI writer uses AI technology to generate unique original content based on your keywords and topics. SEO optimizer is used to optimize articles for search engines using real-time suggestions. Its copy assistant is an advanced grammar checker. It offers a free plan but there is a suite professional plan for $60/month.


  • Frase


This is one of the top 10 best AI essay writer tools to create original content in 2023. This has many various features and it’s a powerful creation tool. Helps you to get high quality articles, web pages, blogs, SEO-optimized content.


Frase uses AI technology and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms used for analyzing businesses, services, products, and competitors. To help you in optimizing your website content also for higher ranking on SERP.


This offers a chatbot focused on enhancing the user experience of your website. It caters to questions related to your website with 24/7 service. This has helped SaaS and e-commerce businesses.


Its solo package is priced at $14.99/month. The basic mode is $44.99/month. Team of Frase is $114.99/month. You can choose any of them according to your demands.


  • Writesonic


Writesonic is a cloud-based AI tool that improves your copywriting by suggesting new words, phrases, and sentences. This provides 400+ topics for writing like for business, marketing, SEO, etc.


This works on both iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and Android smartphones as well. By using it, you can write optimized blog posts, sales copy, and product descriptions. You can create eye-catching Google ads titles.


Also, can create a remarkable landing page with high performance. This has a paraphrasing tool and sentence expander. You can get 2500 words for free. It has different monthly charges at different rates. For 19k premium words, it charges $19/month.


  1. Surfer 


By using this, you can create SEO-optimized content. As it provides unique content ideas. Also, it helps to get a high rank in Google at a fast rate. Surfer assists you to develop an AI outline with unique headings and paragraphs.


You can instantly check keywords in Google with this browsing extension. This helps you to improve the website’s content with weekly updates. Surfer compares the keywords with the competitors.


It offers a free package and the basic package for surfer is $49/per month. The most popular pro mode is for $99/month. Its business package is $199/month.


Final Thoughts:

AI technology has many benefits for mankind. AI content creation is a fast way to analyze your existing content and improve your content. These tools assist you to improve your SEO performance. They make your content more optimized, efficient, and effective.

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