Difference between information security and cyber security

Information security vs cybersecurity which is better

Many inventions are develop for the welfare of mankind. One is the internet and it is the best way to exchange data with people all around the world. To keep the data secure, information security and cyber-security are introduce. There is a difference between information security and cyber security.


You must be thinking that they are the same, why they are consider different? Over the last decade, a fusion between information security and cyber-security is occur. But there are major dissimilarities between them.

Information security in Cyber Security

We are using both of them for securing our data from malicious threats. These are phishing, man-in-the-middle attack, denial-of-service, and many more others. They steal or harm your data for the wrong purpose. According to reports, 53% of cyber-attack resulted in harm $500,000 or more.


Keep reading this and you will get to know interesting facts about them. Because when you know the difference between information security and cyber-security. Thus, you can secure your company’s confidential, integral and available data.

Difference between information security and cyber security:

Before discussing the difference between information security and cyber-security. Let me tell you about the difference between data and information. Data is the collection of raw facts and figures. As in form of text, images, figures, and many others. Information is the knowledge gained by interpreting the data.


Data is the accumulation of facts while information puts those facts into context. For example, at a restaurant a single customer’s bill amount is data. After sometime, when owners interpret many bills thus they develop valuable information. Such as most ordered menu items also whether the prices are adequate to cover wages, etc.

What is Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency

Three terms to know about the difference between information security and cyber-security:

CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability):


  • Confidentiality: It means that some amount of the company’s data is secret. That secret data cannot go into the hands of the wrong person. Confidentiality measures are develop to prevent sensitive information from unwanted access.


  • Integrity: This involves regulating the consistency and accuracy of data throughout its life-cycle. It makes sure that those who are allow to alter data, can change it.


  • Availability: It gives access of data or information only to authorized users. This includes surety of working of networks and applications. Keeping an eye on their security protocols, prevent hindering productivity.


What is information security?

By definition, ”it protects information from unauthorized access, users, and data modification or removal”. It is effective in protecting the data from any form of threat.

When an unauthorized user attacks the system, this strikes back against it. It deals with information assets, availability, integrity, and confidentiality. This information security comes into play when security is violate.

Keep reading, you will get to know differences between information security and cyber-security.

What is cyber-security?

Cyber-security secure data from an outside resource on the internet. Anything in the cyber domain is protect by it. This can shield the usage of cyberspace from cyber-attacks.


It handles dealing with the danger in cyberspace. This deals with the security threats that may or may not exist in the cyber realm. Like shielding personal information, social media account, and others too. It acts as the first line of defense against cyber-attacks.

Cyber Attacks:

The cyber-attacks are malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle attack, denial-of-service, DNS tunneling. And you must be thinking about why these kinds of attacks happen in cyberspace. Well, cyber-attacks hit businesses for the wrong purpose.

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Similarities between Cyber security and information security

There are two kinds of companies: those that get hacked and those that don’t know that they get hacked. Cyber-security is develop to protect cyberspace from every cyber-attack.


The major difference between information security and cyber-security:

If you are in information security, the concern is to protect the company’s data from unwanted access. If you are in cyber-security, main priority is to secure the company’s confidential data from electronic unwanted access.

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Final Thoughts:

In the above section, difference between information security and cyber-security discussed in a very appealing way. When you apply those to your company’s security then your data or information will kept as secure and confidential.

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