How can start content writing from home

Start content writing from home for earning

Before we jump into how to Start Content Writing in 2023 you should know something important about content!

What is Content Writing as beginners?

Content Writing is a skill but not just a writing skill it is basically drafting a message which can communicate with the target audience. Yes! Before writing you should conduct in-depth research and collect the key points so, you would be able to generate engaging content for your audience.

Types of Content Writing


There are various types of Content Writing some of them are

  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Posts

and plenty more.

Now the question which manifests itself is How to become a content writer?

How to become a SEO content writer?

To become a content writer you should have

  1. Writing Skill

As mentioned above writing skill is not the only thing you should have for content writing but it is not only but is a significant part of becoming a content writer. You should have satisfactory knowledge about the language you are utilizing. You are not supposed to make errors because you should have knowledge about the basics of grammar.

  1. Niche

A niche refers to a specific topic or subject about which you are comfortable writing and have a solid grasp, such as health and fitness, technology and finance, and on and on. Niche is also an integral part of becoming a content writer because you must choose an area of interest.

  1. Strong Grip on Research

The content writer must conduct extensive research because effective content cannot be written without it. Research keeps you up to date on the latest trends and equips you with sufficient knowledge about the topic you’re writing about, but you must first choose a topic before conducting in-depth research on it.

When you just begin your research, you should visit blog after blog and compile all of the essential information on your notepad, as well as plan how you will write on it.

  1. Create your Own Unique Style

While doing research you must read plenty of writers and they all have their own unique styles you might get inspired by them but you are not allowed to copy their style of writing because you should create your own unique style Yes! You can take the inspiration but don’t adopt their style totally.

  1. Creativity and Content writing

Do you think your content will be appealing if you are a content writer who isn’t creative?

That is not possible because creativity is a key to content writing! If you are writing to rank a website or you are writing for a post or anything else so, your content should be compelling which engages the target audience and help your client to boost up their page or website.

After you complete your research you should think about how you can bestow a new perspective so it will be more attempting and can engage your target audience because you have to examine every topic from a different perspective! After that, You have to write it concisely, and clearly, and also you can create a story.


  1. Stick To the Topic

As Your Writing should be clear and easy to understand so, does that mean you can write anything just by making it clear and understandable? Then obviously the answer will be No! Because it is not enough to be a content writer. You have to stick to the topic you are writing about suppose you are writing about How to start content writing and suddenly you start telling them about marketing so, that will not make sense right?

What that will cause is low engagement because the irrelevant material will break the reader flow and will distract them so they will quit reading what you write therefore, You should stick to the topic you thought to write about.

  1. Catchy Headlines

You must have scrolled on the social media account and come across something which catch your attention and that heading forced you to read the article which means the headline must have some catchy words which garbed your all attention.

We can take another example such as you have seen two headlines

  • Content Writing Tools you should know
  • 7 best tools you should know before starting a content writing career.

These two headlines are giving the same information but the second one is more attempting that can force viewers to click and read, After that, the first paragraph will decide whether the viewer will read it further or not.

  1. Proof Reading

The content with error always leave a bad impact on the audience that’s why when you complete the content you were aiming to write then you should proofread the content in a deeply detailed manner and you should

  • Remove the exaggerated phrases
  • Remove the Grammatical and spelling error
  • At last, make sure it seems attempting

After following these steps when you feel that you have enough knowledge and satisfactory command of it and now you can start working so for that

  1. Content Writing Earning Places

Content Writers can be freelancer writers or can do an office job too!

For Freelancing, you can start from platforms like

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancers

And there are plenty more platforms for this.

In a nutshell, the content writer should write in a way that is simple to understand, compelling, and original, based on in-depth research. Once you have a firm command of the subject, you can start writing on freelancing platforms or as an in-house employee.

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