How to brighten dark videos | Top 5 ways

How to brighten dark videos online or offline

Some videographers have the experience to work in dim-light conditions. Moreover, the working ability of the camera isn’t good. As well as the lightning in the background is dull. So, the resulting videos are dull with dark context. But you don’t have to worry about your dark videos. Because we bring you the top 5 ways to brighten them.

Free video brightness editor

There are so many tools to brighten your dark videos but we have chosen the top 5 ways for you. You can edit them on your iPhone, Android, and computer as well. When you have various tools then you have diverse options for editing. So, keep reading this till the end and you will get to know more interesting facts.

How to brighten a dark videos on Android and iPhone

How do dark videos occur?


Lack of natural light during video recordings results in making videos as dark videos. Moreover, they are not pleasant to watch. Also, when there is poor lighting in the background. Then, the functioning of the camera is affected by it and reduces the sharpness of objects in the frame.


Don’t worry though, all hope is not lost. Stay till the end to know about appealing ideas for brightening a dark video.


How to brighten your videos (Top 5 ways)


There are exceptional ways to make your video a bright video. It will help to improve the quality of the video. Therefore, you can post it on any social media platform like Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and others. Thus, keep reading this till the end.

How to brighten a video without losing quality

There are Some Tricks to Bright a Dark Video:

 1. Exceptional Light Source: 

During the indoor shoot, try to stand near a well-lighted lamp. Yet, at night time, full moonlight or street lights are the best sources of light. Don’t make videos while standing or sitting in the sun’s rays.


2. Lessen the shutter speed:


It’s a logical fact that when the shutter of a camera is open for a long time. Thus, it allows more light to get in. As a result, the video will not be dark video. But you cannot record rapid motion as it gets blurred. Because the camera shutter speed is 1/30 of a second. It can’t match the rapid movement of objects.


3. Use Camera LED Light:


Buy a camera LED light because it will help you not to get a dark video. Even in less lightening conditions, you can make a bright high-quality video.


4. Lower the f-stop setting:


If your camera has an f-stop setting then lower it, to increase the aperture. This will help the lens to capture more light.


Pro tip for brighten dark videos:


You can crop the videos to fix framing issues. Also, to make them easier to share on any social platform.

Apps are a must thing for getting rid of dark video:


You need a video editing tool to add brightness to your video. What they will do to improve your dark video. Keep reading this, as they are described as follows and you will get your answer:


  • FilmoraGo


  1. It is a video editing tool with an exceptional brightening feature. Moreover, this is easy to use to develop a dark video into a bright one.
  2. FilmoraGo enhances the video’s brightness and increases the sharpness of objects in that frame.


First, install the app on your android or iPhone. Open it and click the ‘+’ button to import the video into it. In menu settings, there is a 5-second mark, so click it to alter the dark video. It will change the dark video into a bright one. Tap on the export button to save the altered video in your gallery.


  • InShot

This app provides all the options you will need to enhance the quality of the recordings. Because it is a brightening video software that provides various features. Thus, to get rid of the dark video.


How to use it?


Install the InShot app on android or iPhone. Open InShot and click the video to import the video. After importing the video, tap the filter option. Click on the adjust button. Anyone can adjust the brightness of the dark video from the lightness tab. Tap and drag the slide to the right or left, to increase or decrease brightness. After that, click on the tick button to save changes. Finally, tap the save button in the top corner of the app screen to save the video.


  • In windows 7/8/10 using Windows Movie Maker:


The Windows Essential suite ended by Microsoft. Yet, you can install the official installer through the internet.


Once you installed Windows Movie Maker on your system. Then, open it and import the dark video that you want to brighten. You can do this by navigating to the Home tab and clicking on Add photos also Videos button.


Go to the Visual Effects tab, and tap on the button named Brightness. Drag the slider to the left or right to adjust brightness. This will brighten the dark videos in a very easy way.


As a result, saving the video you edited can be done by navigating to the File tab. Moreover, select Save movie and after that select Recommended for this project.


  • Dark Videos improve through VLC


You must be thinking, how is this possible? Well, everything is possible in this advanced world. There are many tools for brightening a dark video by using Windows or Mac. But one of the best is the VLC for Windows or VLC for Mac.


Install VLC according to your system and once it’s installed then start using it. Moreover, to make dark videos into brighter one.


Proper steps to use it:


Open VLC in your system and open the file by going to media. When your video is imported then go to tools => Effects and Filters. If an adjustments and effects window appears, go to the Video Effects tab. Click the Essential tab, and you see options to handle brightness, saturation, etc.


Tap on the Image adjusts checkbox to enable these options. You can adjust the brightness of the imported dark video by sliding the handle to the left or right. When you are done brightening your video, go to Media => Convert/Safe. After that click on Add button to import the video you edited.


Click on the Convert/Save drop-down button in the bottom right corner of the window and choose convert from the resulting drop-down menu. Finally, click start to save your edited dark video into a lighted video.


  • Improve Your Dark Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro


It’s paid and professional video editing designed for professionals. If you are a professional and looking for an impressive video editing tool. Then Adobe Premier Pro is one of the best for you. This includes diverse options for exceptional editing, especially for dark videos.

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