How to connect Android Phone to TV using AV cable

How to connect phone to TV wirelessly

The old days are gone when we can’t connect our smartphones to TV. The urge to watch our favorite shows on a bigger screen. Because watching through the smartphone doesn’t give the desired experience. But you must be thinking about how to connect an Android phone to TV using an AV cable. Don’t worry! Keep reading this till the end to know easy steps.

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What are AV cables?

An AV cable is an audio and video cable that connects various audio-visual types of equipment. It is also known as RCA cable or composite cable. This cable consists of three colors: yellow, red, and white. These different colored wires function differently.

Red and white wire works as a stereo audio cable while yellow represents the video. This AV cable carries audio and video signals from one device to another. One end of the wire goes into your mobile phone and another one into your TV. Make sure you attach all three colored wires correctly and appropriately.

Tools required for connecting Android phone to TV:

  • HDMI – composite converter
  • AV cable
  • Confirm HDMI yield in your Android phone
  • MHL converter 
  • MHL adapter
  • HDMI OTG cable
  • AV converter
  • Phone Charger
  • Power cable

HDMI cable: This HDMI cable is a reliable cable for connecting your Android phone to TV. The general standard for these cables is HDMI 2.0.

Confirm HDMI in your Android phone: Your Android phone doesn’t have the HDMI port in it. There are a lot of adapters that will turn HDMI into smaller-scale USB, USB type-C, or lightning.

MHL converter: The MHL stands for Mobile High Definition Link. This converter comes in many versions like MHL 1, 2, and 3. MHL 3 is the latest version among them and it supports video quality up to 4k Ultra HD. While other MHL 1 and 2 don’t support 4k Ultra HD.

2 Steps to Connect Android phone to TV using AV cable:

Follow the below 2 steps to connect Android phone to TV using AV cable.

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Step 1: Using the HDMI converter device

In this, we use an HDMI converter device to connect your Android phone to TV. First, connect HDMI OTG with your Android phone. And attach the other end of the wire with the converter device.

With the help of an AV cable connect your TV to the converter device. Connect all three colored wires to their right-colored ports. For instance, red wire in the red port or white cable in the white port and vice versa. Use a power cable to charge the HDMI converter device.

As a result, your Android phone is connected to a TV. Now enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen.

Step 2: By Using the MHL converter device

For this step, you have to get two converters instead of one. The first is an MHL converter and the other is an AV converter. After that, connect one end of the MHL converter device to your Android phone through a USB plug.

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Moreover, the other end of the AV converter is known as the HDMI port. Make sure the USB charger is attached to the MHL adapter. After connecting the phone and MHL converter with the AV converter.

Now connect the AV cable to the AV converter. But for this purpose, carefully connect the three colored wires to the same colored port.

Start your TV and switch from TV to AV by selecting from the options. Now enjoy mirroring your phone to TV.

Final Thoughts:

There are two steps on how to connect an Android phone to TV using an AV cable. Use them according to your requirements. Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, dramas, and much more on a big screen.

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