How to do Article Writing | 5 Best Blogs Writing Technique

Best Blogs Article Writing Technique

Article Writing a piece of content that provides any information to the readers. It can be on any topic on which you have a grip and these articles mostly get published in magazines, and newspapers to guide a large audience. The main goal of article writing is to make a difference in the world by presenting facts, statistics, or points of view.

There are a bunch of topics or you can say objectives to write blog and article such as

  • Society
  • Rising issues
  • Technical developments
  • Persons

And plenty more.

You are now aware of what article writing is, but did you know that it is a sea in itself due to its various types? Here they are

How to do Article Writing

Types of Article Writing 

There are plenty of types like

  • Newspaper article
  • Magazine article
  • SEO article writing,
  • Online article writing,
  • Freelance article writing,

And there are many more.


While writing articles everyone uses a different style of writing according to writing type or client’s need.

For example, online and freelancing articles are frequently written in

  • Descriptive
  • or Narrative style


But these are not the only style of article writing because persuasive and expository article writings are also the style of writing. In short, the style of writing will depend on the client you are writing for.


If you have a question in your mind that what is the most important type of writing? So, the answer to your question is SEO article writing! This is what is in the demand in this era. There are plenty of people out there who are demanding an SEO article writer. Here you must be in need to know


What is SEO Blog Writing?


SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which we use to rank our website you have to write an article that is SEO optimized which will help the article to get ranked easily. In SEO Article Writing we focus on the Keywords. Keywords are basically the important words that we have to repeat several times according to the number of words.



Before writing any blog article, you should have a solid grasp of the specific topic, which requires extensive research because you should know what you are about to write and you must educate your readers proficiently. In a nutshell, you should be the master of the topic so that you will have a broad area to write about.


No matter what you are writing there is a format of article writing you have to follow! Let’s move towards the

Article Writing Format :

The Article structure is divided into 3 parts mainly

  • Heading or Title
  • Byline or Name of the Author
  • Intro
  • Body
  • And Conclusion


The first thing which grabs the audience’s attention is heading! The more clear and attempting your heading will be the more you will get the readers but your heading shouldn’t be more than 5 or 6 words. You have to make sure that Google displays the whole title on the page because the heading is what tells the readers what they are going to read in this article. If your title will be longer so you will not be able to get the clicks on your article moreover if you add numbers to your article so, it will be catchy for example if you read a heading like “12 tools for SEO” or “10 best feature about this car” so, they will be more attempting for the reader.

Byline or Name of the Author

After heading you have to add the name of the author. The author’s name may assist to develop a relationship between the reader and the author, and it is also a way to give them the recognition they deserve.


After the heading, your visitor will read the introduction, which will determine whether the reader will read the rest of the article or leave the site because Your Article’s intro should explain what the readers are going to read in this article that’s why you have to write the catchy intro which will grab the reader’s attention and will be the cause of reading the remaining article. The pro tip to writing an intro is to keep it short and clear.


The body of the article is a very long part that will explain everything in detail which can be boring for the reader because the reader always looking for a quick and all info that’s why it depends on the writer to make it interesting for a reader for that you have to add the multiple subheadings, for example, your topic is “article writing” so you can add subheadings like types of article writing, SEO article blog writing and plenty more like that. The subheadings can reduce the bounce rate and will make it easy for readers to grab the important info.


In conclusion, you have to again mention all the important points which are already written in the article and how they connect with each other moreover your conclusion should contain CTA (Call to Action). The call to action can be

  • Contact us
  • Install Now
  • Signup Now

Tips for Article Writing

Here are a few tips for writing an article

Grip on Topic 

First, you should be proficient in your assigned topic, and for that, you have to research it deeply which will make your article valuable.

Know Target Audience

You should know about the target audience so, you can research according to them and can write by keeping them in mind. It can be from any gender, Business, or service-related people!


No matter what you write you have to proofread it! Because if you left mistakes in your article so, it will leave a bad impact on your readers. While proofreading, you will find different mistakes and you can rewrite them and make the content proficient.

Add Images and Info graphic

Visual elements always make your content more enjoyable that’s why to make your content attractive you have to add an infographic or pictures.

To cap up all this in a nutshell, Article writing is in high demand these days because everyone is looking for informative content and to compose an effective article you should pursue the article format and all the tips which will engage your audience!

Best Blogs Writing Technique

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