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Best Webmail secure email server and their list

In the conventional world, the mailing system was not indefinite. Nowadays, the world is revolutionizing through technology. And the most common way of communication is email. Whether it is for business or personal use. But how to use webmail servers and which are the top 10 email servers online is a big question.

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What is a webmail server?

Webmail is a web application for accessing emails through browsers. It is only accessed from the internet and exits on the cloud. So, you can manage your inbox right from the internet browser.

The webmail server is a server that handles and delivers email over a network. It can receive emails from a client’s computer and send them to other mail servers.


Webmail providers are Gmail, Mail, Hotmail, and Yahoo etc.

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How to use a webmail server

Following are the steps along with their processing:

Step 1:

The sender needs to enter the address of the recipient along with a message. Once it’s finished, click the send button, and this email goes to a mail transfer agent (MTA). This part of communication is done by SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Step 2:

This SMTP server processes the recipient’s email address-especially its domain. If the recipient’s mailing address had the same domain as the sender. Then the process is simple to carry out. But if it’s not then SMTP would send the mail to its local outgoing mail server like IMAP (Internet Messaging Accessing Protocol) or POP3 (Post Office Protocol).

Step 3:

After that, SMTP looks for DNS (Domain Name Server). The DNS takes the recipient’s email domain name and translates it into an IP address. After attaining the IP address then it can connect to the recipient’s SMTP server.

Step 4:

Then the receiver’s SMTP server scans the incoming message. If it identifies the domain and user name, it forwards the message to the IMAP or POP3 server. From there, it’s placed in a send-mail queue until the receiver’s email client allows it to get installed. After that, the recipient can read the message.

As told about how to use webmail server and top 10 email servers online are described below:

Top 10 Email Server Online:

It is best as an overall email provider. This is a remarkable email server online. Once you have a Google account, you can access Gmail as a regular email inbox tool. All around the world, 1.2 billion users are getting benefits from it. This has consistent incorporation with other Google services such as Google Docs and others.

They offer versatile applications with abundant storage capacity. It is accessible from any device. But managing different folders and labels is a little confusing in Gmail.

Founded by Microsoft also known as Hotmail. As recorded, the outlook has over 400 million users worldwide. The most praised feature is its Focused Inbox. It prioritizes emails you receive from your most important contacts.

This is very user-friendly and offers great integration with other Microsoft products. Sometimes, it takes a while to process because of its focused inbox. A few important emails can be put into spam. Also, one downside to using Outlook is that it doesn’t track your emails.

AOL Mail was developed by an American Company and in 2015 it was purchased by Verizon for $4 billion. After a few years, Verizon sold AOL to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion by keeping 10% shares for itself.

This is a free web-based service provided to users. It delivers your email from its classic news-driven homepage. And AOL has the ability to give virus protection to contemporary spam filters. You can send text messages through it.

In this, you can read your email without leaving your inbox. This email server online supports IMAP and POP3 protocols. Also, you can install your emails to read them offline. AOL offers unlimited storage to its users.

This is another well-known email server online. It sits behind AOL because of its 1 terabyte free storage along with a few social media integrations. Yahoo mail offers free email accounts.

Verizon purchased it in 2017 for $4.5 billion. But in 2021, it’s sold to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion. The new owner Apollo Global Management promised to enhance it.

It’s a commendable email organization. This offers exceptional security to keep your account secure. One of its best tools is that it offers a customizable inbox theme and layout.

It is an email service provider that Apple operates. This offers a free email account with 5GB storage. To use it for synching photos, emails, files, and others. Mac users are using this email server online.

iCloud email server provides search functionality. Also, this allows you to access IMAP (Internet Messaging Accessing Protocol). It loads the HTML images. This incorporates macOS and iOS.

To upgrade the storage plans, iCloud offers many priced plans. For instance, 50GB of additional storage space is priced at $0.99/month. 200GB charges for $2.99/month. 2TB is priced at $ 9.99 monthly.

This is one of the top 10 email servers online. It is developed on the concept of privacy and security principles. This offers client-side encryption to secure email. It offers 500MB of storage space for its users.

For the best-secured trading of emails then this Proton email server online is best to use. Because it allows its users to send messages and after a month the messages disappear. This is its best approach as an email server online.

Zoho offers a user-friendly interface for people. But its best use is for small businesses and home-based businesses. Because it provides remarkable security for emails.

By using this email server online, you can complete your daily tasks in a simple and easy way. This doesn’t scan your inbox for advertisements purpose. Like the Proton email server, this Zoho uses an encrypted system for emails.

It is free for five users and provides 3 priced plans too. Zoho lite is for $1/month and $1.25/month. Its premium package is $4/month. The Zoho workplace plan is priced at $3/month.

It’s an email service provider that operates in Russia. This was launched in 2001 by a Russian company. Yandex provides exceptional security options. It comes with features like a timer, and much more.

Also, this provides a customizable interface. It gives protection against spam and fraud. Yandex uses a smart filtering option which means that it highlights the emails coming from real people. It has a built-in anti-virus and translator.

This is a business-suited email specially designed for professionals. Titan email server online helps businesses to develop meaningful relationships with customers. Also, it offers email at their domain. So, anyone can find them easily.

It comes with 50GB of storage. It’s rated 4.8 stars and ranks as the top business email platform. You can save your email templates and also can re-use the sent emails. Also, Titan allows you to send an email by scheduling its sending time.

It’s email marketing software to create and personalize emails. Also, it optimizes marketing emails. This allows you to customize the layout, and drag-and-drop images to the editor.

Hubspot has features like A/B tests that let you learn about new subject lines for more profits. You can create marketing campaigns by using its designed tools. It provides an engagement analytics tool too.

In a nutshell:

Webmail servers play an important and vital role in our lives. It gives us many remarkable benefits. On the internet, there are top 10 email servers online. Each of them is commendable for providing diverse beneficial email services.

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