Recover Deleted photos on iPhone and Android

5 Methods to Recover Deleted photos on iPhone and Android

Photos are the memories we hold onto very closely and if somehow we delete the photos we just regret it. You can recover your deleted photos on iPhone and Android and save your memories. Some apps that can prevent your deleted photos will restore them both on Android and iPhone.

What are the methods for Recover Deleted photos?

There are many methods to recover your deleted photos even if it seems impossible, the photos are deleted from the phone accidentally. And can be recovered if you are lucky you can recover by following different methods for Androids and iPhones.

5 best methods to recover deleted photos on iPhone:

 Recover the photos from the recently deleted folder

When you find out that your precious memories are wiped out from your gallery due to one wrong click or some phone error. Your priority is to find out a way to recover it. First, you should check your photos in the recently deleted folder. There are most chances that you will recover your photos from a recently deleted folder to prevent further loss, just back up your device.

Recover Deleted photos with recovery software

When everything you have tried but the photos are not recovered yet so you have to take a bigger step like image recovery software. You are not ready to give up on your precious memories and you should not because everything is possible when you are eager and passionate, do it. You can recover your photos with software that will help recover your photos even if there was no backup.

Scan for lost iPhone photos

Scanning for iPhone photos works for both present and some lost pictures. The Mobisaver will automatically find your lost pictures for you.

Preview and restore photos

The photos you want to recover are can be selected and choose the option to restore to a PC or restore to a device. If your photos are upload to iCloud then it is going to be easy to recover your lost photos.

Backup photos on iPhone

You have to back up your photos on iTunes or iCloud so that you can have a secure platform to restore or install your photos from iCloud to your gallery.


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Recover your deleted photos on Android


 From google photos

Android users have a backup on google photos and once you have to select the option back up & sync your photos will be uploaded automatically to google photos. If you deleted your photos from the gallery, your photos will be safe and secure.

Recover Deleted photos from SD card directly

Android users are also using SD cards for storage and you can restore your data from the SD card while checking it on the PC first. The deleted photos will be recovered and restored.

Recover Deleted photos from google drive

You can restore your photos from google drive as well. Because some of the data will upload on the drive if the option back up was selected during backup. You need to check the backup regularly.


How to avoid loss of data in the future :


Your photos are the memories that make you smile while remembering and recalling the moments. And they are precious to you so we need to guard the things we care about.

You should check your backup and check if there is any issue to resolve. You can lose your memories and might not get the chance to recover so caring about your precious memories are important.

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