Social media affects on mental health

Social media negative effects

In this post-modern era, we are completely surrounded by social media and it is still getting vast day after day but this social media is causing plenty of Pros and cons of social media on mental health! Firstly it is affecting our mental health. Here the question arises is How Social media affects mental health?

Social Media is a technology that we use to share any news, Information, and meet new people but the latest studies found a link between social media and mental health. The people who are using social media mostly suffer from

How social media affects mental health in youth or students

There are various Effects of Social Media so, here are the pros and cons of social media.

The Beneficial Influence of Social Media.

Social media is the best way to connect with each other and stay connected but like the rest of things it also has benefits and disadvantages, If we talk about advantages so,

  • Easy to communicate

If we don’t have social media, it will be tough to connect with our family or friends, and we won’t be able to meet new people, especially those from different countries. That’s why it was developed for our convenience so that we may connect with family, friends, or anybody else from across the world.

  • Can find new friends.

Several individuals in this world share our interests but whom we do not know, and with the aid of social media, we may effortlessly reach out to new people and create new friends.

  • Can easily promote and spread the news.

It takes a long time to transmit a message, but now that we have social media, this task has gotten much easier since we can instantly advertise or spread the news we want to.

  • Raise awareness.

Just like this blog, which is raising awareness about how social media affects mental health? it happened due to social media. If you want to raise awareness about almost anything, a social media app is an ideal method to do it.

  • Cheer up the mood.

When you are upset, weary, or in any other mood, you can open the social app and simply view movies, memes, or anything else that can boost up your mood and make you feel refreshed. This is also one of the positive effects of social media.

  • Can educate yourself.

When you share a piece of news or information, the other person should be educated from it, just as if someone else is sharing the news, you can also be educated and acquire the knowledge you need. It is the quickest and easiest way to do so.

These are not the only advantages of social media; there are even more, but if anything has pros, it must also have cons.

If we move toward drawbacks so, there are a few crucial drawbacks of social media.

  • Addictive

Social media is a big addiction because everyone is spending most of their time scrolling on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat YouTube, etc. We spend hours and hours there without realizing it and even if we leave social media for some time we start feeling anxious which shows that we are addicted to social media.

  • Insecurity

Insecurity is one of the effects of social media effects, How? When you are spending most of the time on social media so you may see people with perfection who are sharing a glimpse of their lives and they can make you feel insecure about yourself. Social Media is almost fake but still, it can make anybody insure.

  • Isolation

According to the study, it is found that social media can increase or decrease loneliness but too much use of social media affects mental health it will make you feel lonely because most of the time will be getting spent in front of a screen scrolling and watching videos and it will cut off you from the real world that’s why minimum use of social media apps can make you feel minimum isolated.

  • Depression

When you spend the vast majority of your time on social media and isolate yourself from humans, you will become depressed because we humans require more face-to-face time. After all, the person who cares about you has a cure for your depression because social media will never support you more than your loved ones.

  • Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is one of the undesirable effects of social media, and many young people complain about it. People are subjected to hurtful rumors, words, and lies that have a powerful influence on individuals.


But what is driving you toward social media?

Most of us reach social media through mobiles, tablets, or laptops. Social networking sites are meant to capture your interest, keep you online, and have you checking your screen for changes regularly. It’s how businesses generate money and in nowadays everyone is on social media and there is a competition of staying up to date that everyone strives their best to be up to date which drives you toward social media.

Signs that social media is having an effect on your mental health

When it comes to the effects of social media so, everyone has a different capacity. we use social media to check updates and stay in touch with the world but if you are checking your social media day and night and check updates after every passing second, that means you are getting addicted moreover if because of some reason you are not able to reach the social media then you start feeling anxiety and you start getting depressed that also demonstrate your social media addiction additionally if you are getting weak day after day and your health seems disturbed and you are avoiding human connection so, this is enough to demonstrate that social media is affecting your mental health.

To conclude in a nutshell, Social media has a vast reach nowadays most of us are on social media However,  as you know there are pros and cons of social media on health that’s why plenty of people have a question in their mind How social media affects mental health? When we use social media an excessive amount and we start avoiding the human interaction which shows we are getting addicted, if you are addicted so, you should consult a doctor because excessive use of anything can impact your mental health, everything has advantages and disadvantages that totally depends on you what you are getting from it no doubt social media is an essential aspect of our lives but human interaction is far better than social media that’s why you can or you should use social media but in a limit so, it does not impact on your health.

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