Stay Safe on Social Media

How to Stay Safe on Social Media

As the world is advancing in every field. The use of technology is increasing at a rapid rate. Social media plays an essential role in the lives of people. As it is the best way to communicate among the world population.

Individuals are becoming more social not only with their family or friends but also with the world. Their interaction is not only for leisure purposes but also for business aspects. In social media, you have to stay safe on social media.

On social media, you have to make accounts by providing your personal information, etc. So, you make your digital footprint on that social platform. The task is to secure it from evil minds such as hackers, criminals, etc.

There are many ways to secure and manage your accounts simply by following the given below methods:

The best approaches for staying safe on social media:

Use persistent password:

In the field of cybersecurity, it is well said that if a person uses a strong password while making their accounts on social media. Then, the hackers can’t even guess your password. So they cannot steal or harm you at any cost. So, you can stay safe on social media by doing this method.

Try to apply different passwords on social media:

There are many platforms on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So, when you make accounts in different places. Then make sure your passwords are different for each of them. It will help you to protect your digital footprint. When your accounts are secure then you stay safe on social media.

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Your posts on social media:

Try to make sure that what you are posting on social media is not sensitive information. Such as your contact number or your credit card number, etc. You should post motivating quotes like ‘’Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear Future, I’m now ready.’’

Be careful while making friends:

Some people make fake accounts to fool others. You should accept the friend request of the persons you know personally or professionally. For example, if you add an unknown person to your social account then that person can steal your information to harm you. Make it precisely to your family, friends, or office mates to stay safe on social media.

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Don’t sign into third-party sites:

The main website or social platform is the first party and the users are the second party. And the third-party website is a website that is between the main website and the end user.

It can be a marketing company or ad network. But mostly, main websites don’t use third-party sites for their work. Some might be in a contract with a third party.

You have to see in the policy of the main website that is they are linked with a third party or not. If they are then you can sign in to a third-party otherwise it is not wise to do it. Keep in mind that if your information is secured then you stay safe on social media.

The popular era of games:

As technology is advanced in many fields like industries, medicine, etc. Over the last decade, they got developed in making many games such as sandbox, simulation and sports, action-adventure, real-time strategy, and much more.

Many people like to play them by making their accounts on them. As they provide their personal information on that platform.

You should not do this because hackers also like to play games as it with you or with the company. They try to steal your data and sell it to others for the wrong use. So, don’t give too much personal information while playing games. As if you want to stay safe on social media.

Use 2-Factor Authentication (2FA):

The two-factor authentication is a very common method that provides a second source of users logging in. It mostly sends a text message or notification to the user along with their account username. So, the user proves his or her credentials to allow them into the service.

Duo MFA: When you sign into Remote Desktop Session by entering your username and password, Duo will prompt a message on your mobile device. This is the most effective way to secure against many security threats.

So, when you apply all the methods as we have told you in the above section. Then you can stay safe on social media. It is important to be secure on a platform where you interact with many people all around the world.

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